Main battery specifications..?

I’m looking to build my own main battery - but I’m struggling to find any decent specifications for the existing pack.

‎All I can find is…6.1 kWh lithium-ion battery, ~100kg. I found 1 website saying it’s rated at 60v but nothing else. I was looking for details like maximum current (amps) and the type of battery management used.

Do you know anything? Thanks Julian

Hi. there is LG Chem pouch battery. 14 cells in series. BMS is dedicated and paired with VIN from ECU…No chance to use/find

I have my own 15s with 300Ah (16kWh) and own BMS…there could be 69V from the sevcon point of view, but limitation comes from the max voltage of the charger (ies synergy). 63V is a maximum

Current depend on the settings inside sevcon. BMS controll max alliwed current in both directions. max is 450A (there is 20s boost but i cannot set it with success)…so i have 27kW on the wheels

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Thanks. So are you using a separate screen for the battery capacity/charge information? I have not looked at a 60v BMS yet. I can build the battery like you have from car cells(?), They are getting easier to find. Did you use a Twizy battery case or fabricate something? I have a Twizy that is missing most of the electrics and has no battery.

Hi. without properly communication there is impossible to drive nor charge. If communication works there is factory display so it works. Of course display doesn’t show voltages in factory battery too so there is no difference

please tell more about missing parts. We bought in Poland 3pcs and from those parts we built 2 which drives…many parts are available for sell

i am looking for a battery
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