Making your Renault windows fit better

Hey there folks. Did a wee bit of bending on my Renault windows. They now fit a lot better and don’t ‘flap’ when I’m driving. Basically, bend the bottom rail from the front bracket forward, using your knee as a former. The front gap is greatly reduced, and the aerodynamics are greatly improved. It also tightens the seal along the top. Try it, you won’t believe the difference!!


That is good, I guess the down side will be increased scuffing of the window frame on the door frame?

No. Just push the window away from the car as you take it up or down. Simples!!

I have not put mine back in for about a year

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I have had to put mine back in as I’ve lost 9 stone in the last 11 months, and I’m so frikkin cold!!!

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Wow. Now that is an achievement!

We need to do that meet up in Dundee.

Richard In Perth

We should do that. When you came down from Perth to Dundee, what way did you come and what range did you have left? I’m thinking about getting a wee bit of vinyl wrapping done on mine up in Perth.

From memory I started at 86% battery and ended up with about 14 miles left,

Retracing the route from Dundee to Perth, I went Riverside drive, Invergowrie, Errol, St Maddoes, Kinfauns, up the hill to Balthayock and down into Perth. It is one of google cycle routes. Going I went at 30 because I was not fully charged, coming back i had the same level of charge but did about 40 as i knew i had the range.