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Manchester city centre charging points

Hi guys

Does anybody know of any charging points in manchester city centre area? I go back to uni in september and will be travelling from blackburn which is a 50 mile round trip so will need to charge up while in lectures but haven’t been able to find any searching google



Looks like you’re largely out of luck at the moment. Keep an eye on this website though: http://openchargemap.org

There are a few around the Manchester area but none in the city centre. I would suggest getting in touch with your university and getting them to apply for a free charge point from here: http://www.zerocarbonworld.org/free-charging-stations and if not then paying to get some installed as electric vehicles are only going to be getting more widespread in the coming couple of years.

Thanks James

There is 1 at a Nissan garage not to far from uni but would we twizy owners be allowed to use it?

Well Nissan and Renault are strategic partners so possibly? Best bet would be to get in touch with the dealership and sweet talk them.

OR if you have any class mates that live close by to the uni, asking if you can charge it at theirs if you pay them.

When you get the car it makes you realise how poor the infrastructure is at the moment. London and surrounding areas is ok, but most of the oop north ones are just proposed at the moment.

Yeah I do feel really sorry for you guys with the lack of infrastructure up there. I literally park 10 minutes from my work in a secured car park and it has about 10 charge points!

If I were you I would write to your local MPs (or Tweet them) and try and get this sort of thing moving. Boris has done a great job down here in London with his ‘green’ initiatives and I only hope that other MPs can start bringing in the changes as well.

Small conciliation at the moment


Did this ever happen? Does Nottingham have any points? At least one set in Derby was removed.
Sheffield has 10 public ones at Meadow Hall. Not used but been to talk to them about the points. Security at Meadow Hall have ordered a Twizy!

Not actually done a recce in Notts yet, but plan to, apparently there is one in Victoria centre car park.
Will let you know when I get time to go.