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Maplin Reversing Sensors fitted

I decided to fit some reversing sensors but was not keen on paying Renault prices :frowning:
So I bought a 2 Sensor Kit from Maplin for £26.99
i used the Renault fitting instructions and also printed out the Paper Templates to scale to mark the sensor positions for drilling.
The Maplin Kit came with everything to fit them including a Hole Saw. :slight_smile:
Took a couple of hours to fit and everything went ok except after finishing I realised that I had forgotten to reconnect the number plate lamps… DOH! :smiley:
You have to remove the rear seat which is held down by a rivet.
The seat pad is clipped in and pulls out, the single rivet then has to be drilled out.
I also had to extend the earth wire to fit to the earth terminal
Only tried them in the garage so far but they seem to do the job.
They have 3 levels of warning with the final warning when the beeps are fastest the car is approx. 12" away from the obstacle.