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Max speed

Hi my red twizy send 80 I bought in Tenerife mid 2016 new from renault I just wondered what the max safe speed is , I normally go at 84 km on the motorway , is it okay to go faster

As standard that is the max speed of the Twizy, you will need to look at tuning to go faster.

With a Powerbox on Sport Mode I can get up to 62 mph, (99 kmph). As long as the road is flat and no potholes it’s no problem at all.

The motor soon heats up though and trips back to Normal Mode, then back to ECO mode to stop the motor over heating. That’s in UK summer temps, so in Teneriefe temps it might not go at that speed for too long!

How long does it take to overheat? I mean how long can you keep 99km/h before it switches to normal or eco? Like a quarter mile?

It takes 10 - 15 miles, it’s not a rapid rise.

What about making switch and turn battery ventilators while driving? Or making some air flaps to cool down the battery?

Welcome to the forum.

I thought it’s the Motor that overheats. You could still apply the same idea though.

I’ve had 72 mph on the speedo in the summer with decent road conditions :rofl:

STOP and limp mode is caused because engine temperature?

I did not know that… I allways tought its battery…

Engine is easier to cool down