Max width for front tyre

Hi I need new front tyres
.just out of interest I tried a rear wheel on the front and it fouls the front mudguard support bracket .so 145 wide by 80 profile won’t fit.
There seems to be very limited supplies of 125 wide tyres.but plenty of 135 wide tyres.
Anyone fitted 135 wide tyres to front .were they ok or do mudguards need modified.

How many miles have you done to wear the fronts out?
My Twizy is just coming upto 13,000 miles and the rears are ready for replacement.
The fronts still look brand new!


How do you do it??? Mine were worn after about 7K miles. The tracking was way out but still…

Tracking is out one 1 side so premature wear. but I’ve got a spare set of steel wheels that need winter tyres.

When I got my Twizy it developed a slight steering wobble at speed.
Took it and and had the wheels balanced which completely cured the problem, perhaps that helped the wear rate?
The wheels from the factory don’t have any balance weights fitted and mine were miles out of balance


Damn, I ordered 145’s for the front. I better order more :weary:

Hi I’ve ordered 2 0ff 135x80x13 tyres.just to see if they will fit the front.if not I will stick them on the back .

Please let me know if they fit with the guards on. I feel the twizy is super under tyred at the front.

Yes I will let you know.

I’d like to know where you got the tracking done! I’ve been to four different places, and they couldn’t set the tracking because their equipment didn’t fit because of the mudguards!! Getting frustrated!!!

As the Mud guards simply unbolt, then loosen them and then offer to remove them before they start. Mine came off to fit the Mud Flaps. Remember in the UK you should not drive the Twizy on the road without the Mud Guards fitted.

I also see that others have used a kit from Amazon to reset the the alignment.

I bought a Gunson Trakrite through Amazon and adjusted the tracking. I’m no mechanic but it was not too difficult. 22mm & 16mm spanner front and 22mm & 13mm rear.
Just noticed, however, that the steering wheel is now off centre so I’ll have to have another go and fiddle with both sides of the track rod. No hurry, I’ll wait for a dry day!

You could try moving the steering wheel around one spline instead?

That’s a good idea Jon but can I adjust the steering wheel without upsetting the airbag?

Ah, yes, forgot about the airbag. That makes it a bit more tricky, you don’t want to set the airbag off accidentally. If the steering wheel is anything like a Megane you could look at this guide:
However, it may be simpler just to have another go at adjusting the tracking.

Just to confirm 135 wide tyres do indeed fit and don’t foul the front mudguards.

Thanks for the confirmation!

Does anything wider than 135 in front and 155 in back fit the original mudguards?

I’m just looking into this now.

Have a look at this thread. There’s photos showing 145 and 165 tyres fitted.