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Maximum milage on a single charge

Hi I have ordered a Twizy and awaiting a collection date, can anyone please tell me what the normal milage they get from a single charge up, I hope to use mine to travel about 13.9 miles each way (26-30miles daily)on fairly flat roads and a mixture of type, town and dual carriageway, so speeds between stop start and 45mph?

I can park at a charging point but hope that I could expect to do about 40 miles between charges and want to be reassured before I shell out my hard earned money, thanks for your help.

I had same query, mine does a fast hilly full speed 31 mile A-road with 5-10 miles to spare at the end. With gentler use 45 miles. One of the guys at ETN Brecon (google it) got 64 miles out of his by hypermiling.

26-30 miles at loon speed will leave you with plenty of charge, 40-45 miles is easy enough :cool: and anyway, you can probably scav a top up at work somehow :wink:

Mine is far more useful and usable than I ever imagined.

Many thanks for the reply my next hurdle will be taking on the local authority over using motorcylce bays for parking and they is nothing at work, I believe that Westminster Council have allowed this so that should help.

Our Twizy commuted for the summer 16 miles there and 16 miles back every day for 5 weeks with only recharging at night on 18% ish left. Then in to Southampton and back (40 miles round trip) of stop start and dual carriageway with not much left (2 miles) so with a gentle right foot 40 miles is quite a comfortable aim. Blast it and you will be running on ghost electrons :slight_smile:

I drive approximately 17 miles to and from work every day on one charge. So a 35 mile round trip although I wouldn’t want it to be much further. However a large part of that is doing 50mph on the a13 or stop starting at very slow speeds in traffic which can be just as bad. I usually have about 2 bars left at the end which is around 10 miles so you should be absolutely fine.

Like most the mileage from a charge is important, I need 35 miles to get to work, once there I can re charge. As the twizy is said to go 60 miles, I really hope it does the 35 with ease.

Stevan, as explained before it all depends on your style of driving and the roads you’re driving on…the same as in a petrol car!

I don’t get chance to get over 40MPH, but I do tackle a big hill just about 1 mile, that I thought I would need to go round. I travel up there at nearly the speed limit of 40MPH (I could go up there at 40 if a take a run up) and still get around 40-43 miles per charge. More when it is flat.
Renault say worst case 30, Average 40 and best 50. We all have cases were we fall either side. But it looks about right. EccoFunkyTravel suggests the Twizy is a 30/50 car - Drive at 50 get 30 miles range, drive at 30 get 50 miles range. That is stretching it a bit but you get the idea.

When new, it should easily do 35 miles even if driven mostly at higher speed/load-but what happens if the batteries only hold just over 75% charge when they age-the battery hire agreement says they will replace them if they do not hold 75%-but for me and Stevan that will be no good at all.

Now in the cold, mine get to 97% charge and switch off. It is only a few months old!

As early adopters, we took the risk…but if you have a 35 mile commute and your car will not physically do it during the time you own it, it becomes useless.
I had the same conversation with Renault and they could not guarantee my 31 mile trip, but in reality the Twizy covers it easily with my 150kg bulk, some luggage, lights and wipers on, traversing big hills in cold weather. My worry is that if charge capacity reduces by more than 10%, I will struggle-24% I will not be able to do the journey.

We will have to wait and see what happens with battery capacity 8-|

I’ve done 42 miles before by driving carefully and slowly in the south-west. There were some big hills, but it’s possible if you’re careful. I suspect windows may help range?

IN addition, I try and get the car charging to finish just as I’m about to leave. It helps get the most range out of the car! :slight_smile:

Hi thanks an update from Oxfordshire then, collected the car from the dealer yesterday and drove home to some very odd looks, distance about 17.5 miles and down to half full. charged up and into work this morning 13.5 miles and one bar over half full. Roads flat and fast for a bit the A34 was fun!!! then into town and great to get through traffic but I was in very early and it cannot get through like the bike used to but hey I was dry and wearing my suit ready to start work straight away so major time saving.

All sounds good-hope you’re enjoying it!

Coming from a bike to the Twizy, I miss filtering but the fact you can wear normal clothes makes up for it-even before you consider not needing a helmet.