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Me and My Twizy I have big plans

Hi thought I would start this tread to keep you updated to what changes I am planning and have made to my Twizy

All Ready Done…
Installed a sunblind with mirror (you have no idea how hard it is to find a black one they are all white or gray got from a BMW),

Renault are fitting my alloys on Wednesday so will start to lose the look of a golf cart, with brand new tiers so i will have 4 spars that should keep me going
Ordered some Twizy windows from twizywindows.co.uk, should be here soon so hopefully wont freeze so much on the way to work

In Development… (any help or advice would be welcome)
have got some LED strip’s to install as running lights for all the blind people who don’t seem to see me? Draws 0.8 Amp of current
Also plan on installing two of the strips in the speaker pod bit as a interior light, Draws 0.2 Amp of current
Planning… (any help or advice would be welcome)**
Fitting a proper stereo (draws around 2 amps of current)
Install a deep charge battery in the boot to run a proper stereo and a heater/ blower
Install Remote locking
Get a custom badge made in the Twizy font anyone know what it is?
Install remote monitoring
Trailer so I can tow her on the back on my Galaxy

has anyone got the specs of the 12v battary? how meny AMP-Hours is it good for?

Sounds Good can we have some Pictures please?

It’s how to attach them without damage to the body work and where are you thinking they should go? Over the wheels? or in the gap under the front panel?

Don’t bother the cabling is a real pain - unless you have the time, just get a stickup Black led light for a £1 from the Pound shop.:wink:

Where are you putting the stereo unit? Wouldn’t your phone and some blue tooth connections be simpler?
I like the battery in the boot if you feel it is required, but the heater is a waste of time, the size battery you would need t heat the inside of a Twizy with all it’s draughts wouldn’t fit.
Remote Monitoring is available - Talk to Nikki about OMVS.
There is a commercial trailer build for the Twizy available from a group member. I built my own first to tow behind my Motorhome. I wanted a trailer to do more than carry a car. ie. DIY runs to fetch ‘stuff’.
All the best

Will upload some when I finish work

Was going to put them in the body work bit hard to discribe will put a pic up

i dont mind cabling not going to be as hard as some of my other jobs in the past but wish they did a Twizy Haynes manual

not sure yet maybe build somthing under the dash, the bluetooth thing it came with isn’t loud enough to here on the moterway

yes I have see some posts about it but thanks for the info

thats kind of my idea with the multi use trailer as i am learning to weld so good project

My new windows and alloys and my sun visor

Nice jobs.

If that is an extension cable in the picture of the windows it looks a bit thin. Hope it doesn’t get too hot.

yes it is, it is rated to 13AMP and has thermal cut out + have it attached to a trip switch, cable stays cool trip switch gets hot even though also rated to 13AMP

Which Windows do you have in? The sunvisor it appears you have the renault ones, and then the one showing off the alloys it appears they are different. They actually look pretty good.

I have renaults ones and I hate them and have used them maybe 3 times.

it came with the Renault ones have upgraded to the UK ones from twizy www.twizywindows.co.uk

Are you sure you have that link right?

sorry should have been www.twizywindows.co.uk

Just got in today have installed parking aids and remote locking, had a look at the 12v battary it’s tiny around 13amp hour, will upload pics I took later on today I think I have virtually taken the whole car apart today

I would attach a Trailer hitch, then a Pedal-powered generator to the axle on the trailer. This way you could carry extra weight, the generator would make electricity when moving, and through an inverter would charge the Twizy though the front power prong.