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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Meadowhall Twizy

Went to the shopping centre today, to sort my phone out. Whilst putting something back in my bike, spotted the security Twizy.
Took a picture, and the guy stopped next to me, so had a chat.
Apparently most of the drivers dont like it, as they had a big Audi before (probably a bit more comfy).
Anyway, got you a pic, there charging section looks free with about 6 to 10 points, no cars being charged there.

It has arrived now then. I was talking to them while they were waiting for their Twizy to arrive and all they wanted to know was whether they could tip it up by cornering too fast!!!

I chatted to them about the charge points and was told that they are used, one on a regular basis, but they had not seen a Twizy use them. I can get to Meadow Hall but would need to use the pints to ensure I got home. It would be touch and go. To use the charge points drive up to the security barrier and press the buzzer some one will let you in to the separate car park for changing. It is free at present. This separate car park would be useful on very busy days when there is no where to park :slight_smile:

The Twizy would be a great car to drive through the shopping centre when closed. The smooth polished floor would make a great surface.

Thought about going in my Twizy, but it would be nigh on impossible, and you live closer than me Osbrook. I think the back route is 47 miles, and quite hilly, decided the bike was the best option, and yesterday was a beautiful day.
Bloody hate going there anyway, its only because of the Apple shop that I go at all.

Thats the same one that our renault dealer has out front. But you cannot drive that one you have to drive the one without doors (I miss that car). Don’t think the green really stands out.

When I had the one for the weekend I went to Birkenhead Park. Got stopped by the Warden and a under cover policeman, both of which said they could do with one in their job.

I would say call here on the way there and back, but that would mean 2hr wait you here both ways.
I want to drive down to your village before the weather changes. A recharge for the car and some home cooking before heading back. I have nearly finished my rescue trailer should I not get back :rolleyes: