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Meatless Farm Pop Up

My dad and I were invited by @Artjom_Jekimtsev and Adverttu to Meatless Farm’s pop-up in Shoreditch for a photoshoot with the EVs. Another few EVs turned up and we all got free burgers! :yum: :hamburger:

If you’re interested in popping down to try their burgers it’s at 35 Great Eastern Street, Hackney, EC2A 3ER. I think they’re running the pop-up until bank holiday Monday.

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Glad you like it @James!

More events & campaigns like that are coming soon :wink:

P.S. If anyone wants to get their FREE vegan burger - feel free to pop by the location @James mentioned and tell them you’re from Adverttu :hamburger:

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Looks like a great event, love the combination of EVs and eco burgers :slight_smile:

I’ve been a convert since I tried one a couple months back, absolutely love em! This with some fries is the perfect combo.

They do meat free chill cheese fries at the event too :wink:

Woah, I’m guessing these are an event only food? Because I haven’t seen that in stores.