Hi all,

I wanted to gauge the interest in some Twizy owners merchandise? If there interest is there I don’t mind going off and doing a couple of designs, I could get them made and sold at cost through a site such as Zazzle. Has anyone got any slogans they would want? Such as “Twizy owners - doing it in all weathers”, yes I know its bad!!!

@James, if there is any interest, what would the chances be of getting hold of a high resolution copy of the Twizy owners logo?


To be honest @Billybob75 I’ve never really nailed the branding for Twizyowners. Maybe now would be the time to finalise a logo and bring everything Twizyowners into line, assuming there would be interest in merchandise.

I really like the twizyowners font / logo as well, fits very well with the way this forum looks as well