Messed up images

@Niklas How are you adding images? Looks like the exact same width and height has been specified for each image, even though they’re all different aspect ratios. May be a bug in the forum software, but wanted to rule out user error first.

I just used the upload tool from my phone

If it’s any help whenever I’ve used the phone site it doesn’t let me upload images at all.

Have you tried clicking the (admittedly not very obvious) ‘upload’ link in the mobile post editor?

I’ve updated the software now so it should be obvious where to upload images on mobile. Can you give it a try?

I’ve updated the software and it appears to have fixed image related issues. Please let me know if you continue to have problems.

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I’ll have a go later mate. Cheers

@Niklas I’ve now added your images into a gallery. Please take a look at your original post. Closing this topic.