Mike n Helen's Twizy Thread

As someone who is described by my wife as “car crazy” I find it very difficult not to have a “project car”. Having owned 56 cars, my latest purchase being the Twizy I’ve started this thread which I’ll update as I go to keep track of what I’ve been doing with it.

So going back to last week when I drove from the North East to Portsmouth and back in a day to collect here are the first pictures.

Mines the blue one at the front of the queue, 13 plate with 1000 miles on the clock.

Bought it on spec and didn’t see see it until I’d driven 350 miles after an early start.

Loaded up and a quick turn around and headed back north.

I haven’t really used it that much but as you all know it does get some attention when you do go out in one.

After H got totally frozen last weekend I decided to buy the TWY window kit which arrived and I fitted yesterday, makes such a difference.

Alloy wheels was the next objective and this week got talking to a guy who had a load of Twizy bits and pieces to get rid of. Unfortunately again at the other end of the country so yet another early start this morning, didn’t fully know what was in the deal but this what I came back with this afternoon.

So after sorting everything out, it was off with the new TWY windows and on with the old Renault ones and a nice shiny set of blue wheels.

I’m going to sort all of the other wheels and bits and pieces out tomorrow, so keep an eye on the classifieds over the next few days, you may find a bargain or two…

I’ll have to slow down with what I’m doing otherwise it’ll be time to sell the car before I’ve even had a summer out of it…


Good read !! Keep us posted. Did you ask the guy how come he had all the Twizy bits? What’s the story?

I did, he modifies Twizy’s and these are bits which get removed.

I’m looking for some windows!!!

Where are the classifieds?

Is this one of the New Forest Hire cars then? Given you said portsmouth and they had a few.

Had seen them on AutoTrader but hadn’t thought to look on here to see if anyone had purchased!

If you go to the forum home page and scroll down you’ll see “market place” in that section is a for sale and wanted section. I’m after £300 for a set of twy windows. They were on the car for all of 2 miles. Let me know if you’re interested.

You sound as nuts as me but welcome anyway. You’ll have mega fun in it because it won’t be like anything else your ever owned or driven. Have fun and search out my posts to see what i did to mine in teh first 3 months…

56 cars? Mere starter!

It is indeed, there were some in the New Forest and some on the IOW. We had actually booked to hire one during the holidays on the IOW only for the company to go under the week before, ironically I now own one of the cars. And its great :grin:

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Oh I’ve had all sorts of cars, Smart cars to Aston’s, Toyota IQ’s to Porsche’s, Rally cars to Kit cars. I’m not a car snob by any means, I like a car that you don’t see many of and something that gives you a thrill when you drive. I find the smaller the car the more exciting it is to drive. I’ll check out your other posts if I can work out how. :slight_smile:

Great, I’ve driven a couple of them as we hired two years running. I’d love to buy but not enough space at the moment!

Let me know when you have and tell me - I always get lost in forums. (sometimes just as well).

Small cars are a lot of fun espesially if you can compre to larger more porweful vehicles. I often give myself a cheer (sad I know) when I’ve managed to place the Twizy around a roundabout where the main traffic flow is almost at a standstill and they see this little mobile blot on the landscape wizz off in to teh distance. Well, maybe not wizz but you know what I mean. :slight_smile:

Here’s the latest modification, it’s a bit of self indulgence as private plates can often be a bit cheese’e but it is a Twizy after all. Just need to do the DVLA thing so I can put them on for real.:slight_smile:

Love it :slight_smile:

So this morning started with a plan to fit a radio into the Twizy, nothing to flash just a cheap motorcycle radio off e-bay. Bought some 4" speakers with a plan to make some brackets myself but fell at the first hurdle. I’ve looked at the pictures on the how to install the bluethooth kit which is very helpful, but there seems to be some sort of push on clip required to hang the brackets from, if you’ve done this yourself in the past you’ll know what I mean, I assume it’s something like a girder clip but a lot smaller. Can anybody enlighten me to what they have used, they just push onto here.

So after giving up on that part of the job thought I’d see how the rest of the interior trim comes out so I can run the cables to the radio… oh dear not as simple as you may think. The screws holding the interior trim are hidden behind the external panels, so off with the trim…

So after getting that far I decided to stop and leave it for another day as I had Christmas shopping left to do…

However later in the day and seeing just how dirty the car was getting I made myself a pair of mud flaps out of some 1.5mm gasket material I bought off e-by for £7. Copied the idea of using black number plate screws and ta da…

Just need to clean the car now and see how effective they are…:slight_smile:


After a lot of searching on the Renault system at the dealers the other day we came to the conclusion that the clips I want (the same as what holds the plastic speaker trim on) aren’t available to buy as a separate item…:confused:
So I ordered something similar which may do the job, find out tomorrow when I go to pick them up.
Didn’t stop me pushing on with the job this afternoon at least I now have the radio installed…

Just can’t hear anything yet…:relaxed:

Called into the Renault dealers today to collect the clips. What I got was what I ordered, but on closer inspection didn’t look like they would do the job, so back to the drawing board. Ended up using captive clips for self tapers and shortening the self tapers to make sure they didn’t hit the roof. Bit of a rush job, but at least I now have a radio and bluetooth link to my phone :slight_smile:

Also just one point to note, removing the dash storage box doesn’t mean you have to remove the lid and risk breaking the clips on the pins in the process as I’ve read elsewhere. If you’ve got a short torx bit for a socket you can remove the bolts like this without removing the lid.


Beautiful find. I just took all four screws off without removing the lid but:

  1. How do you remove the 12V cable?
  2. Can the glovebox be removed with the lid still on? I’m finding it too tight.

To remove the connector on the 12V cable there’s a clip on the “blind side” the face you can’t see. I pushed the clip in with my finger and then used a flat blade screwdriver on the other face (the side you can see) and then twisted it to help separate the two parts.
The glovebox can be removed with the lid in place, lift up the glove box and twist it at the same time as tilting it towards you, there’s a knack to it, but it can be done without removing the lid and causing damage if you’re careful…

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Go to it. I actually removed them 12V cable by unscrewing the Torx screw within the 12V outlet itself. Super easy. Haven’t attempted to connect it back yet - so we’ll see how that goes.
By the way, what’s the detail when you ran the radio wire down to under the glove box? I have the parrot system and am trying to figure out how to run the microphone cable from under the glove box to above my head without the cable being visible.