Miles per battery Bar

Had some interesting results while driving round mid wales.

Wet/fry roads two up:-
first 10 % - 3.7 miles
sec 10% - 3.3 miles
third 10% - 2,1 miles
fourth 10% - 1.9 miles

40% used and only 10.7 miles !!! Still another 22 miles to do! :pensive:

5 bars gone and now done 22.2 miles. ie. 11.5miles on one bar! :grinning:

All panic over and enjoyed the rest of the drive out. The battery gauge and GOM returned to what I would expect for the rest of the trips.

So I learnt not to panic on a planned circular route that should be in easy range.
There are some bigger hills than expected in Wales.

Please clarify.
1st 10%, 2nd 10% etc. Do you mean the 1st bar, 2nd bar etc. Since there are 10 bars, I presume thatโ€™s what you meant. Or have I got it wrong.
4th 10%/bar only got 1.9 miles!!! Thatโ€™s a bit worrying. I usally average 4+ miles per bar. And how did you get 11.5 miles on one bar. :confounded:

I did mean each battery bar - I take it as there are 10 that each is 10%

1.9 miles for 10% or one battery bar was a 2 mile steep climb.
11.5 miles was the run back down the other side and a bit. Trying not to use the brakes and when possible staying between 8 and 14mph to get max regen.

There was so much to look at and no other traffic it was easy to do.