Minimum brake pad thickness

Anyone know what the minimum brake pad thickness should be?

Mine look low to me (after 3000 miles) but, then again, I’m pretty sure they don’t start life looking like a proper car brake pad.


Don’t know the minimum thickness but my Twizy has 11,500 miles on the original pads and discs :smile:


It might look low because brand new they are only 4mm thick!! :confused: I have just measured some new ones (supplied by @Lightly) which I haven’t fitted yet.

My brakes are probably fine then; haven’t had them off to measure them accurately, but there’s still a few millimetres left. Thanks folks!

(I found a post on this site which said minimum disk thickness is 3.5mm. Would still be interested to know the pad spec one day, if anyone finds out.)

Finally got around to changing my pads tonight, what a job, I only did one side as it took so long. The piston was stuck & wouldn’t retract, so I popped it out with compressed air & cleaned the spots of muck & corrosion off the piston. I had to remove the top seal in the calliper as corrosion had built up behind it & was holding the piston tight. Will tackle the other side in the morning.
Just caught the pads as the were just on the metal after 10500 miles.

You’ve got me worried now!
My Twizy has 11,600 Miles on the original Pads…
Have you changed both front. & Rear?
If so which were the most worn so I know which ones to tackle first!
Going to order some Pads tomorrow


I changed the rears about 2000 miles ago, these are the fronts.
My Twizy is driven very hard though :slight_smile:

Just finished the other front & have to say it’s hard work, I had to remove both Pistons, the corrosion builds up behind the upper dust shield and no amount of effort would move it either way. Compressed air wouldn’t push the o/s piston out, so had to fix it back on the car & pump the pedal to get the piston to pop out. Spent ages cleaning up the piston with 1200 grit flat ting paper, & scraping the slot for the seal clean . Once reassembled, everything moved super free.
Must say if you go to Renault , they would just put new cslipers on, so the cost of this job could be huge !

You’ve really got me worried now!
Don’t mind changing the pads etc but don’t want to get involved with removing pistons etc
Not that I can’t do the job, just don’t have the space or tools anymore :frowning:
Not sure what to do now…
Don’t want to take it to Renault because they will charge a fortune.
Might see if someone I know can recommend an independent garage to do the job if I supply the Pads


Sorry to worry you, but if your brakes turn out to be in the same state as mine, it’s not a job to be done at home on the drive or with average DIY tools.
Can’t see why my Twizy would be in a poor state, My son stripped the front brakes about 1 year ago, as an assessment to his college lecturer, so if anything they have had more attention than a normal car. There was no sigh that the pistons where seized, there was a slight scuffing noise where the pads were on metal for the last day or so.
The pistons don’t have a conventional dust shield, so the exposed part of the piston becomes very corroded, this doesn’t stop the brakes from working as the piston can keep coming out as the brakes are applied, it’s just when you try to get them back in that the problem arises.
After much cleaning, mine would slide in & out with one finger, where as before I couldn’t shift them even with my old trusty G clamp.

Very poor design no dust shields In fact some would say dangerous and not fit for purpose


Thanks for the heads-up on the calliper issues @Lightly
I’d always assumed changing the pads was going to be fairly easy on the Twizy …stupid assumption…

Thanks for the Info :smile:
Do you think if I remove the wheels I will be able to see the Pad wear?
I see there are wear grooves on the pads so at least I can see if the pads are getting low???
Had a look at the discs today and they didn’t look bad.
I guess my pistons will be pretty bad because I have used my Twizy for the last 30 months in all weathers :frowning:


Yes you will see the pads with a wheel off & a torch to have a good look.

New pads are 6 mm pad thickness.measured with digital vernier caliper before fitting.