Missing my Twizy

It’s been weeks without my Twizy. It was taken away on 3rd July as it had no handbrake. The spare parts may be in by early September (if Renault have made and tested a brake calliper!!!) what a joke.

This is disgraceful. I bet yo are still paying for the battery even though Renault have it. My worry would be they leave it is a poor state of charge (over 80% and below 20%) while it is just sat there. So at some point the battery will reduce in capacity earlier than if yo had just used it.

The over issue with it parked up for more than 1 week is the front brakes start to seize. This Handbrake job could grow and grow through no fault of yours.

One lesson for all of us is to keep the rear brakes oiled as per other thread.

Hope it get sorted soon.

very sad state of affairs but not untypical of Renault with parts

Naturally I have made my feelings clear at the dealership and also with Renault. I haven’t been given a courtesy car either! My Twizy is the car I commute in every day, all year round so I am stuck with cycling or bus. I suppose I’m fitter! Renault finance don’t care - but they never do. I have made the point about keeping the battery charged now so let’s hope they give it some tender, loving care while it’s stuck there. What a sad state of affairs though.

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Hi, my Twizy had no handbrake too, drove to Renault after booking it it (4 days later). The solenoid in the handle had failed which locks / unlocks the handbrake when you press the break peddle. Total cost was £200 and the whole handbrake lever was replaced in 48 hours. Hopefully yours will be the same and back on the road soon

Sadly it’s a different problem. Renault UK have “prioritised” the part but it won’t make any difference to the expected delivery date at the end of August.