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Modding regenerative breaking?

As seen with some electric cars having an option for heavier or lighter regenerative breaking (Tesla comes to mind), I wonder if it is possible to mod the Twizy to allow for heavier regenerative breaking; and what the risks are to do so.
Anybody any clue?

Yes quite possible. The Twizy has a 4 stage regen setup that can be changed. Ie max default regen occurs below 18mph. Min at above 40mph.
If changing it to have max regen ie. More than now, you will need to find a way to trigger the brake light.

How the ovms can be used. In fact the twizy instruction explain how and whar the settings are now.

Osbrook, can maybe also explain the motor a little bit? When i change from D to N, is there a magnet that gets voltage and/or get unpowered? If i’m standing in traffic for some time - is it better to set it to N or stay in D?

In theory switching to N would save power, however the amount saved is very small. The key thing to do is not to hold the car in position using the throttle to stop it rolling back. The Twizy uses most power when pulling away. Therefore leave a gap in front and drive into that if possible getting over 7-8mph so regen cuts in. Better still done come to a complete stand still using the ‘neutral’ throttle position to roll.