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Mode 2 to 13A Socket

Not sure how many of you use public charging points here, but most of them these days have a 13A side (regular domestic socket) and a 7-pin Mennekes (Mode 2) connector.

Eventually, as I understand it, the 13A sockets will go away and be replaced with the 7-Pin Mode 2s. They’re more powerful, can support more electric car types, and are generally considered to be safer (although that’s open for debate)

I wonder if anyone here would be interested in a project I’m doing to make a Mennekes Mode 2 to 13A adaptor, letting us twizy owners with “dumb” chargers use the posh new charging stations?

Lemme know if you are :slight_smile:


Welcome to the site.

I would only be interested in this if and when the 13 amp sockets disappear, and also if it offered anything extra, such as switching off the power once the Twizy has charged.

Although I suspect this sort of feature will make it into the Twizy 2.

Caravaners, Motorhomers, Tenters and Boat owners all use a converter a bit like the one you are thinking about. It converts the round connector to a 13Amp socket.

I would want a water proof canister around the socket though.

Like this one but with a 13amp socket. I use one for my watering system in the garden.

That’s kind of the idea.

However, mode 2 connections require a little bit more ok to make them happy. There’s some connunicati between the car and the charge station which has to be spoofed in order for the electrici to flow :wink:


That is interesting to know. I did wonder why there were so many pins but had not looked into it. Some thing else for me to research!