Modifications 2012 - 2017?

What modifications, if any, have been made to the Twizy between it’s launch in 2012 and now?

Nothing visible unless you count the various wraps or the Cargo version.

The charger for the traction battery was changed for a different type, I believe in 2014.
This information was given to me by the Renault dealer in Cambridge. I went to test drive a Twizy and could not do so because they had robbed it of the charger for a customer’s vehicle. They said to me “at least the Twizy you are interested in will then have the new type charger!”

The charger on our only post 2014 Twizy is certainly of the newer type that replaced all the failed ones. It uses slightly less power and takes slightly longer to charge the vehicle, but it does at least do so consistently! :slight_smile:

New Sevcon G4 controller sometime during 2016 now in all new models and all older models that need it replaced. This bricks any possibility to tune the Twizy :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
Edit: tune = use Kenneth’s Powerbox, or the German OVMS or iBox

Didnt’ the door / Window get changed last year, so it was straighter rather than curved, which has caused an issue with the after market windows not fitting?

No, some of us saw images of a squared off back-top corner of the door online. But after a bit of research (and delivered Twizys in the last 1-2 months) we realized it was original marketing images that Renault must of looked over.
All Twizys, including brand new, have the rounded door corners. After market windows work for all models.

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Thanks to all who responded. There seem to be second hand Twizy of the 2012 era, or almost new 2016 vehicles on the market, but not much in between, and very few high mileage vehicles. Has anyone any experience of Twizys with 20 or 30K kms on the clock? I’m looking for one as a regular long term run about town, maybe 8000Km/ year and it would be nice to hear from someone with experience of this kind of usage.

Almost 23000 km, built in 2012, in possession since November 2014. Had handbrake problem half a year ago, repaired under warranty. A month before this problem I had the known caliper problem on both front brakes.
Usually a very happy driver(summer and winter, windows stay at home), even more since the Power Box arrived :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the wing Mirrors are different… (having had one smashed recently) They have chaged from ones on stalks to conventional integrated ones?

On the carshow in Brussels januari this year there was a new Twizy Cargo.
When I opened the door it really shooted up. Stronger struts than before?