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Monthly Charges and Excess Mileage Charges

I rang RCI last week to reduce the monthly payments for my battery hire as I’m not going to be around for at least 3 months to drive the Twizy if I don’t manage to sell it.

According to the paperwork I received, they reduced my monthly charges from £57 per month (9000 miles per year) to £37.50 per month (4500 miles per year). The monthly rental amount has an * next to it pointing to ‘The rentals are shown inclusive of VAT at 20%’.

My excess mileage charge was also £1.50 per 60 miles of excess milage.

However, they made a mistake with my maximum contractual mileage and hadn’t taken into account the £57 I’d been paying since last June. My maximum contractual milage showed 13500 for 3 years of use which is obviously wrong because for 10 months of the first year I was paying for 9000 miles.

I rang them and they agreed with me that there was a mistake and they would send out some replacement paperwork.

Upon opening the paperwork, the monthly charge is now £45 per month for 4500 miles per year and the excess milage charge is £2.40 per 60 miles!!! Even though my maximum mileage is correct, the figures have changed. It’s as if they don’t really know what they’re doing.

I seem to remember somebody else on here having a problem with a £37 per month charge on their contract but being charged £45. Both contracts clearly state inclusive of VAT at 20% yet the figures are different. This I’m not too confused about as it’s obviously a mistake as £37.50 + 20% = £45.

It’s the excess milage charge that seems an odd one. Anyone else come across this?

Not sure about the excess charges, but my monthly invoice it £37.50 +vat ie £45 for 4500 per annum

Frankly, I think the whole thing is badly designed. When I got my twizy, i was quoted 150 pm plus VAT for car and battery. Turns out that was justfor the car.

I don’t think RCI knows one end of a car from the other.