More than 4 months after I ordered,

I finally got it.

I Live in Gothenburg, Sweden and had lots of home built and other electric vechicles before, but the Twizy is the most fun vechicle to drive I think.


Well done , still enjoy mine every day.

Looks very good in that colour, enjoy :wink:

Just ordered:
Twy-Rain windows
“Stabigummis” Rubber bushings for softer ride
OVMS complete system
H4 Led lamps 2400 Lumens
Speaker holders

Already bought:
Class T amplifier 2x25W
Speaker system
Bluetooth reciever
Remote central un/locking system

Wow!! Got to be the most customised Twizy. Keep us informed how you get on.

Blimey! Don’t forget coat and gloves…!

Hehe, I forgot, also have a Milwaukee battery heated jacket. :slight_smile:

Very posh!

You’ll be invincible now then :cool:

Well, things are starting to arrive so yesterday and today I did some work:

Mounted the mudguards:

The softer rubbers:
Edit- Can add that they don’t make an extremely big difference, but they “take the edge off” the worst hits on uneven roads and bumps.


Bought this 2-way system at Conrad. Since it gives 91dB on 1W it’s supposed to be efficient and you don’t need a very powerful amplifier. will put the small treble speakers somewhere on the dashboard.

Also got the OVMS-system today, but that will need some looking into before I install it.

Got the OVMS up and running!
Have just tested the basic functions yet, but wow! A system like this for like 80-90£ is fantastic.

Will do some testing (f.ex. increasing the power and speed) and get back with the results.

Did you try the Twizy in the rain without the guards, then with them on or just fit them? Any comments?

I used my Twizy for a while without any kit first and thought windows would be the answer, but the flaps made an enormous difference on our rural wet muddy roads on the school run as they massively reduced the mist and mud flecks covering the kids and inside of the cabin!

I really only rode a couple of times in the rain before putting them on, so I can’t say for sure how big the difference is…

Hi there. My Twizy arrives this week. Your custom list looks fantastic. Is there any chance you could share where you purchased some of these items - in particular the Twy Rain windows. I have the mudflaps already on order. The others especially speakers and central locking would be great to know also?

thanks so much if you are able


Sure, the windows I bought here:
Speaker holders and rubbers:

The central locking system is a little more complicated, bought a couple different items at, haven’t started to put that together yet.

As for the speakers, they sound great, the small tweeters on the dash really balances the sound, had to drill 2 small holes for the cables in the top of the dash.

Yesterday I seriously tried the programming functions of the OVMS for the first time, and this morning I reached 100km/h :slight_smile: didn’t dare to set it faster a the moment. Also didn’t change the power output and recuperation settings.
Have to say that it gives more freedom to be able have some extra speed at certain times, but of course it takes more energy so I will use it sparsely, mostly when going down hill.

Johnny that’s really kind. Thanks very much for the info especially windows which will bid on tonight!
let us all know how OVMS gets on. Cheers

Hey Johnny! how is your experience with the Twi-Rain windows? are they worth it?

Hey Jonny J. How is your experience with the twi-rain windows? Im thinking to get ones

Actually I haven’t tried them on yet, thought I’ll wait till it get’s a bit colder.

After unsuccessfully trying to fit 2 different types of LED bulbs in the headlights before, I finally found fitting ones.
One bulbs draws 1.6A (19.2W) at low beam and 2A (24W) at full beam, less than half the energy of the normal ones.

Bought here:
Remeber that the price is for 1pcs.
There is a small fan on the back that you can unscrew before you fit the bulb and screw back afterwords, it makes a little bit of noise, but not too disturbing.

I can also mention that I am really happy with my Twy-Rain windows, without them I would freeze my butt off. :slight_smile:
Now it feels more like a normal car, I prefer that in the winter.