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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Morgan 3 wheeler

I am off to get a factory tour and test drive of one of these next Saturday :slight_smile:
This is always a bad thing for me, because when I get this upclose and personal I tend to pull the trigger .
The last thing I need is another car at the minute, but I know it will be fab.
I have this strange attraction to unusual cars.
Anyone else got this problem ?
I will get some pics and video of the test drive, cant wait. I am really worried about buying one already, not really got a spare £30k at the moment.
My son sitting in one at Goodwood earlier this year

Lightly, nothing wrong with that. I’ve always been attracted to different things and also find it difficult not to buy when I see them up close. That’s how I ended up with a Twizy! lol.

Although I only buy things that are actually good! There are a lot of different things out there that are just awful. I’m sure the car in the photo WON’T fall into that category though. Looks awesome.

My 3 wheeler test drive yesterday


What if it rains? :wink:

Some one had to say it.

You get wet :),or leave it in the garage

Did it seem stable?

What engine is in it? Sounds like my neigbours Harley.

Yes very stable, you can throw it about, doesnt really feel like it is on 3 wheels.It is an SS engine, they tune Harley lumps, so basically thats what it is. Car has 110 bhp, in a 500kg body, so its quick, for 2K this out put can be doubled.
Must admit though, you dont get out of it thinking it needs to be quicker :slight_smile:

You can’t beat a Morgan!

I rented a 4/4 1.6 Sport for 10 days from the Malvern factory and spent the time bombing around Cornwall in it. Absolutely great fun!

Remember they hardly depreciate in value so its more of an investment :wink:


Fabulous machine and I want-along with a big fat garage to put this and the Twizy in.
Always wanted a Morgan and used to work in a shop on the factory test route so used to go misty-eyed often.
This is the best of them all in my eyes, especially in the spitfire colours. Makes the Twizy look dull!

Life is short, if the cost is not going to upset family life, buy one.
And there’s no excuse about range, so when you get it come and take me for a spin :lol: