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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Morrisons Advert

What’s the irony of the petrol advert? :lol:

On my phone, There is an advert under the Twizy Forum banner advertising Morrisons Petrol and Adrian Flux insurance…not on my PC though?

At sainsburys filling stations (which i still have to visit) they have nissan leaf ad’s on the tops of the hoses.

Yes, feel a bit stupid now with this post as the banner ad hasn’t appeared since - odd it was on my Galaxy Note (Android).

Don’t feel stupid. I was experimenting with Google Adsense and the ads were showing in some browsers and not others.

I decided for the time being to remove them all as they were not sitting nicely into the design of the website and the forum is more important than ads!

Once maybe I’ve redesigned the site from scratch and/or implemented vbulletin 5 some small ads may then appear.

If you ever struggle with paying for the bandwidth then you could set up a membership scheme like my Citroen club or a donation system. Maybe produce some stickers for the club then charge a margin to help pay the bills etc.