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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

Most anticipated EV of 2021?

Was wondering what everyone is looking forward to in 2021?

From what I’ve seen so far the Mustang Mach E is probably my fave, although I’m not too sure what else is coming out.

Citreon AMI , already out

and the Seat Minimo


I got a thing for small EV’s :rofl:


Haha tbf they do look a lot of fun. Can’t see them having widespread appeal though. The EV market at the moment seems to be leaning towards crossover/SUV form factors.

yep I agree because of all those heavy batteries need for that twice yearly long trip :rofl:

Yeah its a shame really as the Seat does look great! Looks like its possibly bigger than the Twizy and has better doors! If more people had these cars on the road it would be much better for parking options :slight_smile:

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Nissan Ariya looks good and should be a decent EV with Nissan’s experience.

I think the Mustang Mach-E will sell like hot cakes though. It’d be a tough choice between that and the Polestar 2 for me if the Mustang was already out.

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Was about to pull the trigger on a Twizy but holding out for the Seat Minimo. Just hope production is confirmed for 2021. Looks awesome with latest gadgets :grinning:

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been following the Microlino disaster for years but it looks like to be in production 2021.

Tazzari also looks awesome with loads of different options and a super steep price list.

fancy a sweet classic mini moke :heart_eyes:

steep prices and made on the knock off Chinese Mini Moke design :rofl:

Tazzari have been around for as long as I can remember, never seen any of their cars in the UK.

I’m interested to see what the Dacia Spring will be like in a UK version. It looks like a nice car, but the China spec Renault is weedy and slow. If Dacia can make something with around 150 mile range, 50kw CCS and sub £15K then they’re onto a winner.

Peugeot basically already have this in the e208. Around 200 miles and starting at £17k

I still want the Toyota iRoad

@James e208 for £17k I don’t think so, more like £27k … if you know know something I don’t :slight_smile:

A very quick look online shows Carwow Active e208 starting at £24,525. Take 10K off it and you’ll get my interest. I swear I was a Yorkshireman in a previous life!

Talk about a confusing website. I’d clicked on e208 and it brought me to this page, complete with ‘electric offers’ graphics on top of petrol car prices!

Had to click ‘electric’ again from the filter menu to actually show the electric prices.

Yeah, thats a misleading layout of website! Similar sort of money for the Vauxhall Corsa. I do like the e208’s styling and especially the side-rearward charge port flap. As I prefer to reverse onto my driveway, it makes plugging into charge easier that way.

I just think the cash prices are too high right now across the entire EV market. There’s more demand than there is supply and the manufacturers are not in the mood to discount for cash. PCP deals seem a little more forthcoming but I just don’t like PCP myself.

yep there’s nothing iconic like the twizy in the ev stakes at the moment , boring ICE been converted to EV and you are paying ££££ for the privilege.

EV for the sheep. :laughing:

Sad news…Mitsubishi Motors are pulling out of European sales. No new PHEV SUV congestion charge dodging Outlanders (UK’s best selling plug in hybrid) This confirms, the once front runners of EV tech will be no more.

Making an EV evo in 2005, some 15 years later they are not introducing the much teased supercar slaying SUV Evo crossover, with driver tuition and rally pedigree. :rofl: I’m actually upset. And now on the hunt for a mint condition FQ440 / importing a Final Edition, the last of the Evo breed.

Does this all mean their Dendo Drive House V2G technology will be honed in the East before coming back to us? Or does it mean the end of Mitsubishi cars, a tiny part of Mitsubishi as a whole. And the end of the Ralliart / MR / FQ badging. My favourite acronym to make it onto a car.

However you look at it, it is a sad day to see a tech giant pulling out of the UK market, it reduces competition and there is now a large SUV shaped gap in the market…and no electric rally cars on the horizon.

everything went quiet after the initial test release last year , i’m guessing the chinese market will be top of the release list , the in country EV sales are high and I doubt they will be using the car to grid capabitily , allowing time to fine tune the technology.

asia is suv crazy :grin: