MOT testing... Does this apply to the Twizy?

Hi, One of my Twizy’s is now 3, but I haven’t been contacted about an MOT…i.e. I’ve been able to renew my “tax disc” online without having to put the T thru an MOT…

Does anyone know what the law is on this?? Thx

That’s interesting. I have been waiting for early Twizy owners to post about their MOT experience. Being classified as a quadricycle I wonder if the Twizy has to have a MOT like a normal car.
By the way, how MANY Twizys have you got?

AFAIK the Twizy is simply classed as a heavy quadricycle and should be tested yearly after the third anniversary of its first registration date.

Perhaps as there are so few vehicles in this class and these are amongst the first to be tested, the admin system is not set up 100% yet or been tested?

I have just got a reminder from the DVLA about taxing my Twizy. It does say specifically that it will need an appropriate MOT.

It is simply a timing thing. To tax a car it needs to have so many weeks of valid MOT remaining. So if your car got registered at the end of a month that will be when the MOT renewal will be. However Tax is always done from the beginning of a month. I felt this was unfair as I lost nearly 4 weeks road tax on one car I got at the end of a month but needed to be taxed from the beginning. Not so bad when TAX is zero.

Just cannot use the Tax renewal as a reminder to get the car MOT’ed.

Best to book in advance. Our dealer isn’t sure he’ll be able to MOT a Twizy, because his ramps are too wide! :wink:

Because the Twizy is a Heavy Quadricycle there are a lot of garages that can’t do the MOT, So ask before you book it in!
One thing they do not test are the brakes on the rolling Road, they use a gizmo in the footwell that records the retardation when braked.