The earliest Twizy must be coming up to their 3rd birthday soon. Does anyone know if it needs an MOT like a normal car and if a normal MOT garage can do the work?

If its like my early Microcars it is MOTed as a Quadricycle.
A lot of garages cant MOT quadricycles and you need to take it to a garage that can mot quadricycles
One difference with the MOT is that they do not put a quadricycle on the rolling road to test the brakes.
They do a brake test with a gizmo that they put on the floor.


As my Car will be going back to the ZE dealer for it’s annual service it will be MOT’ed at the same time. I see this as their issue as to whether they can do it. I would hope that most failure’s would be fixed under warranty baring wear and tear things like tyres, wiper blade and bulbs. All of which we can check easily before the long round trip to the Dealer.

Lightly will be the best person to answer type of MOT and can he do his own?

I cannot do mot tests myself, but will find out & let you know.
would be a good idea to check your brakes, as the Renault dealers are going to be rubbing their hands together at MOT time.

I can now supply rear brake pads for £25.50 + vat and postage! unfortunately the front pads are still being developed. Can’t imagine anyone will do the brake discs, as they are very complex.

You are spot on!! Renault dealers will be rubbing their hands at MOT time, because they will have made virtually nothing for the first 4 years of the Twizy’s life, as service was included. That’s why I asked if a normal MOT garage can do the MOT, since the Twizy is classified as a quadricycle.

My rear brake disk are scored but there is still enough meat to allow for a skimming. Pads look fine. Still got until June to wear things out.

Already changed my rear pads once, they wear very quickly, about 7 K miles I think mine were gone.

7K miles to wear out a set of pads is ridiculous. Why would Renault specify such soft pads. With the Twizy being so light and with regeneration with lift off, thus less braking, the pads should in theory last even longer than normal. Weren’t there reported cases of binding brakes. Or maybe you are one of those last minute late brakers!!:razz::razz:

We we do drive the Twizy very hard, but the pads have no materiel on them, they are like something off a moped, the most weight is at the rear , so guess this is why they wore out, + we are 2 up 80% of the time. My fronts must be nigh on worn out by now.
had a slight binding issue on 1 rear caliper, but noticed it immediately as the speed & range get hammered, so it’s not that.

Apparently , my standard MOT garage will do the test for me , when it is required. Will have to make sure it fits on their ramp first though.

My Twizy is going in for its MOT next week. My normal garage intitially said they can’t do it and will book it in with a quadricycle specialist. Now they said they can. We’ll see.
I have also booked it in for its 3rd service next week with the Renault dealer. Initially they said it will be £71. I said no, service is free. Oh you’ve got 4+, they said. Quite right.
They then said I didn’t need the service as it is 2 years for a service. I said quite right, it was serviced after the 1st year and now it’s the 3rd year. Actually it was serviced after the 2nd year but since it’s all included in the 4+ I might as well take advantage of it.
Only thing is I am pretty certain they will say I need brakes. They will have to make some money somewhere.
@Lightly, can you still supply the rear brake pads at £25.50 + VAT. Thanks

Should still be able to get the pads for this price if you need them :slight_smile:

Took my twizy in for its MOT last weekend, no problems and we even managed to get it on the ramps for inspection.

Just done a quick check & I can now get front pads as well, both the same price at £25.50 + vat.

Have I got this right, I will need 2 sets for each end of the car.

No you need 1 set for the front & 1 different set for the rear, so in total £51 + vat! which is £61.20 for the whole car, this is £20 less than Renault wants for the front se alone :wink:

My Twizy just came back from the MOT with my normal garage. Got through no problem.
Just a couple of small points. The garage asked me where was the chassis no. since it was not in the “usual” place. I had no idea and I didn’t bring any paper work. They rang one their mates and managed to find it under the steering column. So now you know.
The other thing was there was no rear fog light. I said maybe a heavy quad doesn’t need one. He let it through. Is that right? The Twizy doesn’t have one and a heavy quad doesn’t need one. Does anyone know?

MOT done and dusted! Hurrah! Just need brake pads and I was expecting that having seen all the posts on this subject. Amused to note that yet again they didn’t wash my car as promised. I swear they are terrified of water getting inside!! They obviously haven’t seen

Maybe you guys are the first owners to get an MOT.
I have seen the vin number on the steering rack mount, very hard to see unless the front lower panel is removed I would think.
As a quad, the car doesn’t need a fog lamp, or ABS brakes.

Well, Twizy just hit 10000 miles and has MOT booked with Renault for next week. Brakes should be fine as I had them done a month ago as well as 4-wheel alignment. Tyres are spankers too and pedals seem fine!
Is there anything else I should consider or be worried about?