Where on earth do I get this Twizy Mot’d? Our regular garage can’t get it on their ramp. Nor can KwikFit, or the council testing station!!!

it should go on a normal ramp without issues.

if they cannot ramp it an MOT can be done on the floor with a jack and road test.

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So many garages said no so far this morning!

Found one that will look and see if they can do it. I mentioned the ‘on the floor’ option and they went ‘hmm, that’s one way’ (I’m guessing it’s more effort for them!) But thank you, at least I can push this as an option.

Last year the brake pads (previous owner) were an advisory. So I’m suspecting they will be a fail. It’s done 3,500 miles total.

Do I then order Renault brake pads from a main dealer, and get someone to fit them? I’m so not mechanical!!!

Bake pads can be brought online at a big saving , Renault will be pricy.

Pads should really last longer than 3K miles unless they have been binding with the disk.

This is a job any garage can carry out without special tools.

Thanks for the reply. It’s just I have read several posts on here that the available compatible ones aren’t a good spec. Which worries me with brakes!

Anyone else got a view on brake pads?

Disks are the problem I think.

Brake pads are fairly simple and work as long as the disk surface isn’t too thin or distorted.

I’m still on the original pads and disk at over 8K miles

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The pads should last a lot longer than 3500 miles. The original pads and disc are very thin, almost like motor bike ones. MOT garages have no idea what they should look like. One look at them and they think it’s a fail because because they are basing it on normal cars. So beware.

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the pads need to measured with special brake pad calipers , 2mm is the minimum pad thickness.

I had the same issue, none of the local garages would MOT the Twizy … so I took it to an ‘EV friendly’ garage from here
Good luck.

Thank you for this tip, it’s going to another garage tomorrow, I’ll point this out.

Remember it’s classed as a heavy quadracycle, not a car.

Ok, I will write this on the list too! Poor garage will be sorry I turned up!

So if it’s a quad, can I go in bus lanes?!

Pretty much no chance of a Twizy going in a bus lane in the London area, looking at these rules.

As for MoT testing, a Twizy is still a Class 4 vehicle in the eyes of VOSA and in the MoT inspectors guide it says to testers regarding narrow track vehicles:

If a vehicle has a track width that is too narrow for the vehicle to be safely tested on the approved pit
or hoist, the inspection can be carried out on an area of hard standing within the testing facility.
However, this only applies where the headlamp aim test can be conducted using the approved
equipment and with the vehicle placed in the headlamp aim standing area.
You should use appropriate test methods covering all testable items set out in the inspection
manual. For checks where wheels must be raised clear of the ground, you should use a suitable
jack. Turning plate checks will need to be carried out on hard standing as best as possible.
If a roller/plate brake test can’t be carried out, due to the narrow track width or the transmission type,
then a decelerometer test must be conducted.
If you have health and safety concerns regarding these procedures or the suitability of the test
equipment, you should decline to test the vehicle.
Section 5 Narrow track vehicles.

So if a garage refuses to test, they’re either being lazy or they know from experience they can’t do a certain test on the ground. One I can think of is the headlamp test if their test bay for example is part of the ramped area.

Having owned old rusty Transit vans in the past means I have occasionally looked at the MoT testers manual to double check what’s acceptable and what’s a no-go!

there seems to be a lot of lazy test stations these days.

back in the day I remember doing the test in my Mini with 1 inch ground clearance and the mot tester up to my ankles in zero degree water :rofl: :rofl:

the mini is on air these days 0-5inches of lift :joy:

Luckily the Twizy does need an MOT in this country. But I had it serviced at Kwikfit. They thought it would not fit but were curious to try. It DOES fit.

The Twizy really does fit on most test station ramps , just need to try it :rofl:

Thanks for all your help guys - I did get the MoT. And the garage said the brakes are fine, understood they aren’t like car brakes. So it was a useless advisory on the last MoT.

My new windows should be arriving on Wednesday, can’t tell you how excited I am for that!

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