Motor options

I’m confused by the motor options as I see advertized. Renault say there is a 4KW and 8KW version, but online advertisers quote a 13KW version. What’s it all about? I definitely want the 80km/hr top speed.

Electric motors are classified by its S1 nominal operating mode.(Constant load.EN 60034-1)

S2 for the T80 is about 13kW. S1 is 8kW
S2 for the T45 is about 8kW. S1 is 4kW

Induction motor can be temporarily overloaded. So S2 kW can only b e achieved for a short time.

Thanks for your help, but that means when I see 8KW in an advertisement, it doesn’t tell me if that is the T80 or the T45 as they could be referring to S1 or S2 …

Simplified: The “moped” version has a 4 kW motor and low top speed. The standard version has an 8 kW motor. For short bursts it can give 13 kW. So if the ads say 13 kW they mean 8 kW when in continuous drive.

Did realise the motor was that small, I have seen brushless DC motors in the RC world twice the output.

But not with that torque :wink: