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Motorbike bays

I was wondering whether the Twizy can park in a motorbike bay. I know it’s a classed as a quad bike so I guess the question is can a quad bike park in a motorbike bay?

had exactly the same question. We were thinking as it is classed as a quad do we need to pay for parking tickets, as far as iam aware motorbikes dont pay for parking.

Hmm but motorbikes only have 2 wheels. Even the piagio 3 wheeler scooter is allowed but not sure about quad bikes. Renault keep insisting that it has all the benefits of a motorbike and since they haven’t allowed you to put your pay and display ticket anywhere safely without the wind blowing it away surely it can park in a motorbike bay? Does anyone know?
i asked Renault and they weren’t sure.

I’ve been meaning to take a look at the 3 wheeled motorbike classification actually. Surely by definition it isn’t a motorbike, as it has 3 wheels, so it kind of falls into the same grey area as the Twizy. Unfortunately because it looks more like a conventional motorbike than a Twizy does, I guess it will get away with using motorbike parking bays and driving in bus lanes. The fact that the Twizy looks more like a car means that it won’t…even though it is a quad bike!

Quote from Wikipedia:

[FONT=sans-serif]In June 2009, the MP3 LT 400 was launched in the UK. This version has a slightly wider front track allowing it to be classified as a tricycle rather than as a motorcycle (as are the other versions). This allows the LT400 variant to be driven on a standard UK car licence rather than the motorcycle licence required for the original versions.[/FONT]

So therefore, it shouldn’t be allowed to ride in bus lanes or park in motorbike bays technically. And if the law lets them get away with it, then it too should allow a Twizy.

I enquired about quad bikes on bus lanes to TFL and they told me they’re not allowed. But not sure about motorbike bays. I guess they’re run by the councils.

You should ask them about Tricycles.

Here is an email reply i got back from them when I enquired about bus lanes in 2008:
[FONT=Courier][size=2][FONT=Courier][size=2] “Thank you for your email dated January 8 2009 regarding the Mayor’s decision to allow motorcycles in bus lanes. I do apologise for the late reply but this trial has generated a large amount of public interest and subsequent mail to Transport for London.
Quad bikes are not included. The Department for Transport definition of a powered two wheeler is a motorcycle without a sidecar and the definition of a motorcycle in the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 is:
“Motorcycle - a vehicle having less than four wheels and weighing less than 410kg unladen.”
This definition includes three wheeled motorcycles and three-wheel mopeds with the geometry of the wheels being symmetrical.
This policy is consistent with the trials previously undertaken in London.”

This is the point it is the councils that run the Motor Cycle parking (all parking) but the Twizy will not fit in the bays round here. Even Motor bikes are supposed to buy a ticket from a Meter if parking on the street. No one parks a Motorbike on the street they just move to the free bays. Can we have a 1/3 size bays and pay only a 1/3? They expect me to pay for two bays in the Motor home.

Some of the Mobility cars are large perhaps we should treat them like that and park in the shops. :slight_smile:

Im wondering this for myself, if i can get it to park in the office complex’s bike parking area which is the size of a whole car but doesnt have stands for a whole car would they let me get away with it!?! The Twizy would be hidden so to speak and no tickets would be required, but again people see this as a car not a bike and theyl probably think your cheating or something ha!

If I remember rightly the twizy’s class is L7. Is this the same as a trike or motorcycle? Because I went on Westmister’s website and saw this:
**"9. Am I allowed to use motorcycle bays if I have a trike (i.e. a 3-wheeler)? **

Any mechanically or electrically powered vehicle which is in a tax class of ‘bicycle’ is defined under the regulations as being a motorcycle and therefore permitted to use the bays."** **

L1 to L7 - Motor Cycles and certain three wheel vehicles

Very interesting. So we may be able to park in the motorbike bays?

I guess so. But I would check each council’s website because they may have different rules… and remember you have to pay to park in them now.

excellent thread, I was wondering this as well, I wonder also if it will be free to use the dartford river crossing free like motorbikes do ?

Most tolls are based on number of wheels then size. So the Twizy would end as a car. If you try it let us know how you get on.