Motorway Driving in a Twizy?

Does any one else use the Motorway in their Twizy?

I find that the Twizy is very stable in cross winds and when Lorries come past. Admittedly I only do about 5 miles each way.

Never been on the motorway with the Twizy. Might try it one day.
I have been on dual carriageways and it is quite alarming how other cars just bomb pass at much higher speeds. Hate to think what’s it like on the motorway when most lorries will also go pass.

I drive regularly on the motorway to and from work with no issues, I do between 15 and 20 miles a day and don’t have any problems with vehicles overtaking. The only time it gets a bit hairy is when its blowing a gale, hammering with rain and I’m on a split level section on the M5 which is completely open to the elements. All part of the fun though!!! It actually more concerning that passengers in other vehicles get their driver to slow and they over-take so they can take a picture!!! :grinning:

I’ve driven on the M25 and M20 when I had my Twizy. It was very windy on the M20, and it wasn’t a comfortable drive. Having said that there were no real problems with other vehicles, it was more range anxiety that got to me!

I’ve always assumed the Twizy was not allowed on motorways because of its limited speed and category. Can you please clarified it for me as I have been avoiding every M roads so far.

The Motorway restricts 50cc Mopeds but as the Twizy 80 is more akin to 125cc is is allowed. There isn’t, as such a limited speed problem or restriction. There are a number of vehicles that do under 50mph on the Motorway anyway. I have never found the Twizy to be a road block, else I would avoid.

I suspect he Twizy 45 wouldn’t be allowed on the Motorways.

Thank you very much for the information… I could have asked the Renault dealer at the time but didn’t think of it. So not limits for the Twizy and I can now carry on my journey when the A40 becomes the M40!!!

I also needed to know as the main A road I use everyday will have major road word for 20 weeks from 05th May and the only alternative roads to avoid the traffic jams for me will be the M25 & M40.