Move over Twizy

There’s a new kid on the block :grinning:

Just needs an electric motor.:grin:

It has Air con and a sun visor.
I run a pedal car racing team and we steer our cars like that.

May be this would be better?
Little two-seater EV has 70-130 mile range, a top speed of 80mph, and costs $12K

Now that looks interesting.

A true revolution will be a vehicle that is street, bikeway and walkway legal all at once. Requires change in mentality and laws.

I like the look of that (the second one!!)

Agreed Small electric vehicles that blur the lines between cars, mobility vehicles and bicycles I think are the future.
As well as taking the twizy whenever I can I also ride my electric skateboard around most places and as a last mile transit device it’s fantastic as you can avoid busy areas by parking just outside a town and then ride in on the board using the cycle paths.