Moving to new battery rental price structure

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get out of the battery contract you signed when you bought your Twizy and move over to the new pricing?

I’m on 36 months @ £55/month for 6,000 miles per year. If you buy a Twizy now, it looks like that’s down to £49 per month for the same thing. (I see no reason why RCI would allow me to do this, as I signed up for 36 months… but ya never know)

I signed a 3 years contract when I bought my Twizy, just over 2 years ago, £45/month for 4500 miles/year. Just under 2 years into my contract, at the beginning of this year I realized I wasn’t doing the mileage so I wrote to RCI and asked if they could change my tariff. They did and now it’s £35/month for 3000, or was it 3500 miles/year.
Since then a few on the forum have tried but RCI refused. I think it’s very bad PR on their part.

@V8mini CanI ask where you have the new figures from? (Edit) Obviously form the web site.

AS mentioned RCI are every stubborn when it comes to changing existing contracts.The contracts have changed but the early ones said you could change it if more than 3 months to the end of the term.

Looks like you are in the same position as @askho so you should be able to change.
From the site:-
You can change the mileage and terms of the agreement at any time until 3 months before the end of the hire term. Any new monthly payment will reflect the prices shown. If the revised payment is greater than the original payment you’ll be charged for any additional costs up to the date of the change to the terms. Excess mileage is charged at £11.25 (incl. VAT) per 100 miles. In the event that the agreement is terminated additional charges may apply.

It is the bit in bold “prices shown” that you need to bring to RCI attention. Good luck.