Mud flaps

I think it is time for me to fit these mud flaps I’ve purchased in France back in April and give the Twizy a good clean.

According to the instruction (the best I have seen for a very long time!!!) you need to remove the wheel. I can see why but I can’t remove the wheel as I have no jack so I believe you can simply remove the mud guard instead.

Can you just confirm before I release that I am taking the suspensions of!


I fitted my mud flaps by removing the mudguards, as advised on the forum and it worked well. Only problem was getting the bolts screwed in, the rubber makes it difficult but not impossible. I took a long time to do the first side and then I whizzed through the second, with experience.
It’s worth doing, I had to take a muddy detour and had mud splashes on the roof but none on me!

I took my mud guards off and had the same issue with the captive nuts.

I did put some pictures up on how to do it.

Cold, rain, snow, gravel, and mud … I can’t be alone about it. Twizy is either dirty or blasted by small stones on the doors and rear. Now it was enough. I have cut to rubber mat (compressed tire granules) drilled a few holes and fixed with rivets a cover for my gold nugget! See pictures.
Difficulty level: low
time: 35 min both sides

It is the mat

The area that has been hit! But no more.

Has chosen that the carpet should stick out a little extra on the inside. Visually unimportant but practically priceless

Then it was

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Nice work! What was the end result though?

I started a mudflap project myself. First I made one for the left side only - hanging down 10cm, and following the curve of the mudguard. Didn’t notice any improvement compared with the unmodified other side. Then your posting inspired me to make a longer, and wider one for the right side. Hanging down about 12cm under the mudguard, and very similar to yours on the inside, but again no noticable improvement. The material I used wasn’t as good as yours, being thinner and more flexible, but I really don’t think that was of great significance.

You are partly right. There was a big difference, but in some way it got better. I noticed that it was splashing from the rear wheels as well. So now I have set up similar on the front of the rear wheel. See picture. Now it was a big difference! The surface that is dirty now is considerably smaller!