MultiGo, the brand new luggage and bicycle carrier, just for Twizy!

Hello !
This is my new creation: the MultiGo. It’s still a luggage and bike rack as Trigo. The main improvements are that the MultiGo can carry bulky items (large suitcase, golf bag) without obscuring the rear lights or identification plate, it can be installed on a Twizy without doors, can be put at the level we want. As usual, there is no definitive change in the Twizy. Here are pictures and explanations :
and 2 videos in static stress test with 80 kg and dynamic test with 25 kg and passing donkey.

BRILLIANT!!! as usual. But didn’t you modify the position of the rear lights? Haven’t you lowered their position?

Thank you so much ! Yes that’s true and it is an important part of this solution : by chance the wires leading to the rear lights are long enough to lower them without modifying the wiring. You just have to unscrew the rear lights, free the existing wires and fix the rear lights to the support I provide. I am preparing a video showing the mounting of a MultiGo on my Twizy. Be patient !

Really good design, have you approached Renault to sell the rights or do joint venture with them, or do you not want this?!

One query; does the addition of extra rear weight (I guess you use rack instead of rear passenger to keep within payload as the Cargo removes a passenger to allow 75kg cargo) and the modification of the lighting position cause any insurance problems?

The MultiGo maximum load is 25 kg. I don’t think there is any problem with the insurance because the lighting remains very visible. I also refer to what is done in Germany with Elia accessories. I am in contact with Renault but it’s a long long way… and as I would like to sell one or two MultiGo before I die, I have created my own online shop :wink:

On its french site Renault says “la charge utile est limitée à 110kg. Elle s’applique au passager arrière et aux “bagages”. Elle ne s’applique pas au conducteur.” Translation : “load is limited to 110kg. It applies to the rear passenger and “baggage”. It does not apply to the driver.” So, if the rear passenger is an adult like me (80 kg), a load of 30 kg is allowed. The multiGo (3.5 kg) + a 25 kg load is OK.

To be honest, the same site also says “The particular architecture Twizy does not allow a trailer or to carry loads on the outside of the body (roof, rear part …)” but I am sure it is because Renault does’nt want to take any risk. The proof is that a lot of Twizys in Germany pull a trailer or have a rear rack… and we know that our German friends do not play with security.

Not sure the Police here in the UK would allow the bicycle setup with the rear wheel sticking out so far!


In France, the Highway Code says that the loading of a vehicle must not exceed 2.55 m…
What exactly says the law in UK ?

Yous can also remove one wheel.

I think it’s better to put the bike without the front wheel, like on this picture…

Set up in only 30 minutes ! (the video)

Hi! Do you know where I can buy the multigo? I can’t see where hahaha

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Not sure if this is still available - maybe message directly on here?

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Hello Andrea,
Sorry for the late answer.
I stopped all my productions so MultiGo is not available anymore since a long time now and it’s more recently the same for CarGo, its successor.

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sorry to hear that