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My Dealer Experiences so far

*Edit-thanks James for moving this

***Please see other bits under “throttle issues” posts of 29th Jan 2013 describing my visit to my local Renault dealer for 2 recalls and some warranty work, where the dealer had not returned my various calls asking if mine was affected by the recall and finally booked it in when I rang to ask for the third time.

After demanding the courtesy car back with 90 minutes notice on a work day and then not sorting the throttle issue and then giving it me back with one of the other faults on my list not dealt with, they basically said:
“well you did not buy it from here and you bring it back with a list of faults”-after they could not get one for me
“if you want to complain about design faults, speak to Renault Customer Services, not us”-after saying cold weather affected throttle, handbrake release mech and door rising
“perhaps Renault should not have marketed the Twizy in the UK”-says it all really

The following will make more sense now!..

…The sad thing is that I can understand it from the dealer point of view; I did not buy the car there, it is an odd car out of keeping with the current range and so makes experienced techs feel a bit out of their depth-and that some may wish Renault had stuck with their normal cars.

Being honest, this is about the level of service I expect from many new car dealers, unless you buy premium or specialist or a simple car from a long standing family garage.

It has not been easy from day one with the Twizy-the dealer (today) first demo’d me a Twizy but could not get one, the other dealer had one but had no clue on ZE, Renault UK customer services got involved when no-one could answer questions about minimum range but even their ZE boss could not give me a straight answer and no-one could lend me a Twizy to do the route I needed to check it could do (Leominster-other side Worcester 32 miles of hills). In the end R UK told the dealer who could get one to refund my deposit as they could not guarantee the range would cover my needs.

I finally got the answers I needed through a chap at Brecon Eco Travel Network so decided it could do the job and rang R UK several times to inform them of the info he gave me in case it helped them. They did not return several messages.

I then went back to find the one available had sold and I had to start looking again. Several dealers had them but no-one could deliver. Finally I got on from 100 miles away but had to haggle hard to make it worth having. The staff were not used to being haggled and treated me like a nuisance, trying to trip me up every time I said anything and actually cut me off mid sentence to put me on hold while I was trying to explain why I needed to stay on budget. Finally got a call back some days later to say this was the final deal they could do, accepted and gave a deposit. I waited ages while they relented on their promise to deliver it and that ZE weren’t interested in helping either. Finally after correcting the paperwork several times, I went the 100 miles to collect it and it was dirty and full of leaflets and dealer rubbish in the gloveboxes, handover was basic and no follow up.
Asked them to call when windows launched, nothing.

Follow up call from Renault Customer Services-told them car is OK, wished Renault would close down and change to Nissan.

Called into the original local dealer a month later to thank the salesman with a bottle of wine for his time, but apparently he’d left under a cloud, chatted to another salesman and took some cards which I have given out to various people, the garage knew why I had bought elsewhere-due to supply time.
Interestingly, the reason why I could not get a demo on the Leom to Worc route was because the Hereford dealer would not allow test drives over 4 hours “for insurance purposes” but would not let me cover it on my trade policy-the reason why I asked the next nearest dealer about their available cars.
When they had one ready for delivery the following week, they had no demo and could not get a demo in as the two nearest branches would not help-one had pre-sold their demo, and the other was the garage who I had been to first-they apparently would not hear of swapping a demo for a few days to help out as they knew I was the customer, but they would not lend it me to confirm the range on the journey needed in the first place-hence why I was there.

All I wanted to know was if the car would do a 32 mile journey throughout the year and the dealers could not tell me, no-one would let me do the route in their demo and Renault UK or ZE could not answer or help. In the end R UK said a dealer in Birmingham would lend me a demo for a day if they had a deposit from me to buy it!

The first garage had supplied several Twizys to ETN-so they could have simply rang them and asked what range they were getting. I found them through chance and chatted to a very helpful owner who said the journey I wanted to do would be covered easily. Knowing this, I could finally order-it was all I needed and the first garage was too daft to think of this and R UK, dealers and ZE were simply totally clueless.

So, a horrible buying experience all round-fair enough, I wanted a deal and I wanted a quick delivery-but the mess created was unnecessary and even now the original dealer is being awkward-hence the “you didn’t buy it from here…” comments today. I just wanted to know if it would work how I needed it to work and wanted one asap-I was pleasant to all parties throughout and explained the situation clearly-there was no deceit or playing one off against the other!

Since then, the Twizy has had minor faults but I have not wanted to go to the dealers.

When I heard about the recall back in November, I called the dealer same day who denied all knowledge, said would look into it and call me back. I tried again a week later and no further. I rang earlier this month and they then told me that it was due to be seen for 2 recalls; sticking throttle and brake issues-both fairly important in my eyes.
There was no courtesy car availability until yesterday, so had to wait. On booking in by phone, I told them of all faults.

On arrival, I was cheery and chatty trying hard to build a relationship finally with the dealers (after being in before to see them and taking/giving out their business cards to potential buyers) and chatted through the issues saying some were related to freezing temperatures. I then wrote notes to fully explain to the tech what was faulty and the conditions in which it occurred. I was told they would sort it and give me a ring, then given the keys to a dirty Clio with no fuel in it.

Today, they rang to say it was ready…as posted above…at 3.35pm and they needed the courtesy car back for first thing tomorrow which I said could be tricky as I was out in the van miles away, they shut at 5.30 and I had jobs all the next day from 0830. They were insistent the car was back, so I re-arranged my day and sat through the traffic to get it back today.

On arrival, no thanks for the effort and…as previously posted.

And here’s me empathising with the dealers as above for not supplying the car…after not being able to get one and then blocking me borrowing the demo, not finding out the info from someone they sold several Twizys to, after me going in to thank them for their efforts and taking cards to give out, after overlooking their total lack of dealing with the recall enquiry, after having to wait ages to get the car in, after being given a dirty courtesy car with no fuel in, after being hassled to get it back with 90 minutes notice on a workday, after then picking up the car, not fixed and with at least one fault still there as soon as I put the keys in and being told that I was being cheeky bringing it back to them for repair as I did not buy it from them, after being told that they weren’t interested in faults from design and that Renault should not have marketed them in the UK and finally knowing I will have to return there as soon as the throttle sticks again-but they would not come and collect it and I should call Renault Customer Services.

Actually, bol90ks-its not good at all is it?

Just to update and say thanks for this being moved and thanks for the responses on the original thread.

Haha, sorry mender, I noticed it didn’t make sense on it’s own, but wasnt sure how many posts to move over as it was kind of a conversation going on in the previous thread. Sorted now tho, thanks :wink:

Over at LeafTalk, we started a thread for bad dealer experiences, and a thread for GOOD dealer recommendations. Maybe it’s something we can do here? James?


Hazards have been playing up, left them to avoid having to send it in again.

This morning, pulled away and took the first corner to find a car overtaking a parked car right on the bend-quite normal as it always parks there-but as I went to slow, the throttle stuck down and I very nearly crashed. This is the first cold day I have used the Twizy since it was returned unfixed from the local dealer
*to refresh, my Twizy was part of the throttle pedal recall, went in to be sorted but “was out of the number range for replacement” so nothing was done even though I told them it always stuck in very cold conditions. However “they cannot see the fault”-in their heated workshop
Was lucky not to have crashed it. I rang the local dealer to tell them that, as predicted, this happened on the first cold day of use since they saw it and could they now come and collect it to get it properly fixed. Was told to ring Customer Services as they have no recovery vehicle (really-a large 3 franchise dealer?).

There was no sign of any number to call either in the car, handbook or on Renault Website, so rang them back to ask for the ZE breakdown number. Was given a number, rang this and they had no record of my car being covered-after some discussion it turns out this was the normal Renault number, not ZE. Rang them was put through to ZE line and the Axa employee I spoke to was helpful and arranged breakdown recovery-after listening to my story he did say “Yes, that’s Renault-I had loads of problems with the Renault I owned…!!”

In the meantime, I decided enough was enough and it was time to ring Renault UK Customer services-but alas, no number could be found on the site, so had to do the live chat thing and answer questions before they would ring me back.

They did ring and I told them that my whole experience of Renault has been dreadful and that not only will my wife not drive the Twizy to work (it would not release the handbrake/pedal switch fault on two occasions forcing her to abandon it and walk, and so be late), I was also nearly involved in an accident that was due to one of their dealers not dealing with a safety recall properly, even though they were informed that there was an issue.
On top of this there were still ongoing faults (hazard lights, grinding/sticking brakes etc) and that dealing with the local dealer was not ideal: “you did not buy it from here, yet you bring it back with a list of faults” “Renault should not have sold the Twizy in the UK” “design faults are nothing to do with us, complain to Renault UK”

I said that all of these issues were leading me to return the car for a refund as it was not fit for purpose. R UK said as the car was not new (ex demo) that they could not do this, but they would now get involved in trying to fully fix the vehicle as the first step and take it from there.

The Twizy has been taken away on a recovery vehicle.

The way I feel today, I am not that bothered if it comes back or not. I’ll see how they sort the problems out, but I am not that hopeful.

On an aside, I said I was surprised that someone at R UK or ZE dept did not read posts on this site as there was a great deal of useful info on here for them about reliability, dealer service (good and bad) and possible uses for the vehicle. I was told that Renault runs its own forum and this was where they looked…

James and I used to use the Renault site before we got the cars. That is why James set this site up. The site was as bad as your Dealer.
It must be good as [FONT=arial]aminorjourne](https://twitter.com/aminorjourney)y/FONT is advertising on Twitter for ZE kangoo owners to check here. Many thanks Nikki.


I’m sorry to hear of all the problems you’ve been having, and I would certainly be thinking of a refund if I was in your position.

In fact, my throttle stuck slightly this morning for the first time (it was snowing here) and I’ve just booked the Twizy in for some repairs to the hazard light and doors next week. Asked about the recalls and it’s something they said they’d look into.

I will start a poll on here to start to gauge how many people are experiencing problems and which ones so we have something to take to Renault if things start taking a turn for the worse.

Rest assured, you’re definitely not alone and we will fight any injustices together.

Cheers, James

I had a call from the dealer asking why it had gone there…I had asked the driver to show them the pedal sticking, but no…R UK will call them soon, I hope…

R UK called to say they were dealing with the various issues and would be in touch-this time they have listened and have said they are leaving it out in freezing temperatures so they can look at the issues when cold. They are replacing the throttle pedal and hazard light switch and are going to strip the brakes and handbrake release circuit.
In fairness to R UK, they have been helpful, they got it recovered from here in less than an hour, have taken the problems seriously, have liaised with the dealers who have now taken a good approach with getting it cold before stripping it and R UK have also kept me informed of what is happening.

I do hope they sort it once and for all.
Nice weather now and it would be nice to be able to use it…perhaps I’ll forgive it if I get it back fully sorted :slight_smile:

Good result, it would be nice if they rang me :slight_smile:

What’s going on with yours?

Throttle still sticking, cant be bothered to sort it, as ity will cost me a day to take it to Leicester. I will price up the throttle today just out of interest.

Got mine back today, after a call from R UK.
Dealer could not get car back to me, so I had to get to dealer myself, but I had got a couple of friends interested in buying a Dacia Sandero so they took me and had a look at them at the same time.

Usual service from local garage, service chap not chatty despite my best efforts-and after I had bought in potential customers-gave me keys and sent me round into the compound at the back of the site to get the Twizy. Was as dirty as I left it, but at least the throttle pedal and hazard light switch were changed.

All seems to work ok now, so hope this is the end of it.

Couple of things to note: salesman said had got 20 Dacia orders in one week. The original orange Twizy demo I used in August is still in the showroom…

We are awaiting the launch of the Dacia Lodgy 7 seater MPV-it is out in Europe but no date for UK launch yet. Our lovely Ford Transit Tourneo is 12 years old now, so we may consider selling the Tourneo and using the money from this and part-exing the Twizy to buy a Lodgy at some point, maybe. I’d find it harder to lose the Tourneo than the Twizy as we adore it.
It is ironic that the next vehicle we are considering is a Renault Group vehicle-but it seems like a decent proposition. I wonder if it will end up as “we love the Lodgy, shame Renault builds it”

In a sentence: Renault UK got involved and we got the Twizy recovered, fixed and returned; lets hope it lasts!

Just a footnote to this thread.

As you know, I sold the Twizy to Les and Jenny through this forum and they have been greatly enjoying it-as expected.
They got a fully sorted Twizy without having to deal with Renault which will give years of fun and pleasure.

My experience of the Twizy was marred throughout the six or so months I had it, from time of first test drive to selling it as shown above, which was a real shame and it got to the point where I no longer wanted to have to deal with the local garage-which meant I dreaded it going wrong.

The final part of the experience was handled by Claire at R UK customer services who did get the faults fixed-but no goodwill. I was told that when it was mended, I would have to travel the 20-odd miles to collect it myself-there would be no collection for me (they did offer from the station but no use to me) or delivery of the car.

I duly collected the Twizy-unwashed and without any PR effort even though I nearly had an accident in it, after having returned it to have a sticking throttle replaced and being told that I was cheeky taking it there when I had not bought it from there (due to supply timing). At that time it was returned without being fixed as the throttle pedal “was out of the part number range for recall” and they would not do any works even when I explained it happened in cold weather only.

I think any other brand, in light of the circumstances, would have made more effort and at least offered to drop it back, or wash it or something as a gesture.
For example, I once had to return a new Suzuki for a recall and was apologetically given a posher courtesy car and had mine washed, hoovered and returned with a bunch of flowers in

I love the Twizy as a vehicle, but could never being myself to buy into Renault or my local dealer ever again-which is a shame as I love the ZOE and would have ordered a (Renault owned) mid-spec Dacia Sandero this week to replace the Twizy.

I made this crystal clear to the survey company that rang from Renault today to ask questions about my most recent customer service experience.

The main points have been:
1/ Renault not knowing what range is possible-the Twizy brochure suggested 62 miles and only the back page of the 2012 UK Renault Cars price list mentioned 30 miles. No-one at Renault or ZE could answer me when I asked if it could do 31 miles of local A road at night in winter.

2/ Not being able to demo a Twizy for longer than 4 hours even if I put in on my own insurance to find out the answer

3/ My local dealer not being able to:
a/ answer the range and other questions
b/ supply any Twizy in under a month
but then blocked the use of the Twizy demo when asked to release it to another garage who could supply one after I found out the range would be ok after speaking to someone who had bought several Twizys from the self same local dealer. A decent dealer would have made more effort to find out the answer and tried harder to swap one of their cars for a Twizy in another dealer’s stock/pipeline to get it in time.
c/ tell me that “you did not buy it from here, but you bring it back here with all the problems” after I had been in to explain why I had to buy elsewhere and take in a bottle of wine for the original “sales” man.
d/ not fix faults that were clearly explained, returning the car with a throttle that stuck the first cold day as I predicted
e-z etc

4/ Renault knowing that the brakes, hazard light switches throttles were an issue and not contacting owners for the recall-I made all the effort as finding out through this forum

5/ On having the vehicle in for the above, allowing it to go out unfixed

6/ When it was returned to the dealer for the fix to be carried out which should have been done on the recall before as above, to not be able to supply a courtesy or hire car or even collect me from home to get the Twizy back. When I did get it back there was no PR and the car had not even been sponged down. A simple lift, a chat and a clean Twizy would have gone some way towards the loss of the Twizy without a replacement vehicle for an extended period. Just this would possibly have made the difference between ordering a Dacia and not ordering one.

7/ When sold, RCI (Renault Finance) did not update the finance register immediately which caused a massive problem when the buyers did an HPI check and were told categorically that it had finance outstanding-when it had been paid off 48 hours prior.

8/ I am still waiting for a finance repayment to be returned after it was taken after the finance was paid off last month-yet another customer services “case”.

When I bought the Twizy, I knew it was more or less a prototype of brand new technology being offered by a company with a poor reputation for electronic glitches and customer service, but I was prepared to jump in and see what happened.
I could forgive any of the issues with the Twizy-it is a new product at the cutting edge of the market, but I cannot forgive the lack of knowledge, interest or joined-up thinking by Renault UK, or the shabby treatment by the local dealer. A little more training, some better organisation and some simple courtesies along the way would have made a big difference, but this will be my last ever Renault and I will not buy into the Dacia brand even though I most definitely would if it was not connected to Renault.

Two comments stuck:
“You have been telling me for years that Renault electrics cause loads of problems and you bought an ELECTRIC RENAULT???” (one of my mates)
“Renault should not have imported the Twizy into the UK-any design fault issues can be discussed with customer services and not us” (my local Renault main dealer)

I’m sorry if this seems negative to some-it is just a truthful account of my experiences with my local dealers, Renault UK and the ZE department.
As said before, if your local dealer is really supportive of ZE and you can satisfy yourself that the Twizy will suit your needs you will simply have a totally different experience to me-there are many accounts of good dealer service and supportive staff on this very forum.

The Twizy is a great vehicle and despite the nightmare that came with it in my case, I’m glad I owned one even if I would not do it again.

Thanks for the update.
I too said I would never buy a Renault, and have. I also had a dealer that made mistakes but resolved them.
Touch wood I have not had any issues with mine so haven’t had to test my dealer. God job as the are also a fair way away.
All the best, keep popping back and see how we get on.


To add further insult, an additional finance payment was taken after the agreement was paid off and closed down last month and after several promises to be refunded by the 11th is still not back in my account.

The Renault Live Help on website is not working, not had response to customer services text, RCI line costs money and takes ages to get through. Fantastic.

You’d think that after everything, at least they could square this up asap.
Bloody Renault.

Finally got the finance payment back after they called back and I moaned, took 19 days…but done now.
End of the road for me and Renault, wish it had been easier :expressionless: damn shame as I like the Dacias, especially the Lodgy people carrier now selling in Europe.

I don’t want to end on a negative, but I wonder how many sales they have lost by dealing with any new interest in the same way I was dealt with overall?
With a good dealer and service staff, the whole experience would have been different-perhaps like that of others on here who have been very pleased with their Twizy and their dealer.