My e-Up

Sold my Twizy a few months ago since I needed more space.
Found this 2014 model with just 15.000km on it for a really good price.
The e-Up is not the most exciting car of the world design wise, so I bought some new rims and added a few stickers to liven it up a bit.


Give us your thoughts on the e-Up. It seems to go under the radar for most people, but I like it.
I think you’ve done a good job on “tarting” it up.:yum:

Ya some info please. Looks yummy

Well, 82hp from zero makes it quite peppy, wheelspin if you apply full from start.
It has a 18,7kWh battery which normally takes me 130-140km on a charge (summertime).
VW made a very good controller-motor system that uses surprisingly little energy, I manage to get around on appr. 11-12kWh/100km. Not driving extremely slow, just learned to plan my driving.

What else? NO BATTERY RENTAL and 8 years guarantee on the batteries, good enough for me.

What sort of price are these going for? I always liked the look of the VW Up! as a city car and remember thinking a while back it would be cool if they did an electric version

In Sweden I paid the equivalent of £15.000, but here you get a rebate of around £3.600 sponsored by the government on new electric cars.
Don’t know if you get something similar in the GB, but this also affects the second hand prices here.

How are you finding the home charging for it?

I live in a house so I built my own little station. :slight_smile:

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