My first economy run

Last sunday went for my first economy run on my Twizy. But i wanted to make it as much realistic as possible so:
*]go and return trip to eliminate any advantages of the road
*]try to average 50 km\h so i wont be a mobile chicane
*]as flat as possibel to use the traction batery and little regeneration
With that in mind and after 2 hours and 15 minutes of driving i did 85 quilometers. When i pluged it back on at home i had 1% batery left. I could have done more but wouldnt be very realist. Took some pics you can see here.

So exactly as Ecofunkytravel says 50miles at 30Mph (85km =52miles 50kmh = 30Mph.)

I couldn’t do that distance round here in the UK with the current temps :frowning:

I do think i could stretch it to 90 km - i had the front tires at 2,0 bars and not 2,3 and i did keep the 50km\h speed if i aimed at 45 problably would get further…will try that next

Driving my Twizy at ‘Normal’ Speeds it will only do 35 Miles in the colder Weather.
Did a 35 Mile trip last week and arrived home with no bars showing and 1 mile left on the range :slight_smile:


I did forgot one detail - my batery will be 2 years old in March.

Around 50 km or 35 miles is a normal range in cold weather.
With a bit higher tire pressure and very slow driving (around 25 mph) you can reach 70 km or 45 miles. But in normal traffic 35 miles is a normal range.

Decided to try and improve on my 85 km range - i already thought of some measures to take:

  • retry with warmer weather for better batery performance
  • more tire pressure: did first run with 2,0 bars in both front and rear tires and for next run i will follow recent forum advise for 2,6 front and 2,3 rear.
  • i am considering lowering target average speed from 50 to 45 km\h. but not sure
  • will keep Windows on: more weight but better aerodinamic performance

85 km in winter? That’s pretty good. The best i did was 104 km, but in summer. This summer i aim for 120 km :slight_smile:

Rather than say Winter can you say what the tempature was for the run, thanks.

Good point - i am in Portugal so winter is…nothing related to yours in Britain.:smiley: I think my run was made at around 10/12ºC. Was cold and a bit wet too so i do hoppe to get a bit more next time.

Cool but not cold:-) As I pointed out it is when you go below 10c that you notice the effect on the battery. Also I find the biggest drain is on wet roads. In the dry I do far better. I have just upped my tyre pressure to 2.6bar Front and 2.3 Bar rear and it appears to be helping. Too soon to tell.

I can’t see the point in upping the tyre pressure to try to increase the range unless it is absolutely critical. The ride is bad enough as it is with the recommended tyre pressure. I am still getting almost the 50 miles range with quite a restrained right foot and a lot of lift off regeneration. Mind you most of my journeys are in town so it is easy to do that, and the temperature this winter has not been too bad.

Agree - for me i keep pressures at 1,8 and it still feels pretty hard sometimes (bad roads). But if you have perfect smooth tarmac it may be possible. In my case i am willing to do it “just for science” - see how far i can strech the électrons. :wink: