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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

My First Proper Photo

Thought I’d post the first proper photo of my Twizy on this site. Taken today over the park as we were waiting for the Olympic torch to pass by.

I’m hoping that sometime soon I’ll take some decent shots in a decent setting, but this will have to do for now!

As you may notice, I was able to park it on the green as it fit through the wooden bollards quite easily!!

Looking good and the number plate really suits it.


Looks super, as said , I also like the plate.
Got the pics of mine removed for the advertising (allegedly ) from thenRenault forum.
Seem to receive a very hostile attitude over there.


Did try to warm you about the Electric haters. Jealous bunch that lot. :smiley:
You would have thought they loved us for not using up their petrol!


I find that a lot of forums have very strict rules and it spoils it for most people. Hopefully I won’t have to enforce anything on this site. I’m not a fan of authority myself so feel free to use the site as you wish (within reason). I made it for other like minded people to talk about the Twizy, not so I can have some sort of power trip! :wink:

Thanks for that, not exactly expecting to geta flood of Twizy’s for work :mrgreen:
I have been established in my trade for over 30 yrs, before the Internet existed, certainly get zero work from forums, and happy for it to stay that way.
Unfortunately cynical folk will think I am after a cheap ad, but not so.
My experience would bring far more to,the forum than most could offer. I also post on French car Forum, where people seek my advice, for free.
Anyway the comments on the Renault forum were genuinely appaling, but I am thick skinned.
My Uncle calls such people “sleep walkers”. Good term I think.
I would say that anyone open minded enough to buy a Twizy is at least half awake :mrgreen:

I think that’s very true. At this moment in time you do have to be a very specific type of person to buy a Twizy.

I find that the majority of people are unbelievably close minded, to the point where it frustrates me. I don’t see what’s so scary about trying or buying something that’s new. For me it’s what makes life exciting!!!

Agree with the comments, some people fire straight into a neg attitude about minor things ref the Twizy like “but you have to move the seat forward to get in the back” to which i replied same as any 3 door car… its minor comments like them that do get on my wick sometimes, fair play if you have a valid comment such as the no windows and what it it rains but trying to pick holes for the sake of it with out giving some thing a chance i will never understand perhaps they just dont understand that some people will be leaders and others will follow when it goes mainstream…

I remember when i got the first iphone all my friends was like it will never work, fast forward a few years and guess who have iphones…

I am glad i took the chance with the Twizy and will not look back, its such a great fun car to drive and meeting new people when ever its parked up is a bonus i have yet had that experience with any other car and for that the Twizy wins with me :slight_smile: