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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

My First Twizy Friend - DBG

I thought I’d post a few photos from today of my Twizy next to a fully wrapped Twizy owned by DBG. They are a marketing company based just down the road from where I work. Renault are in fact one of their clients, and DBG were given a Twizy to help promote and are running a blog at http://www.dbg.co.uk/talesofthetwizy. I must admit, the wrap definitely adds something to the Twizy! Mine looks like a blank canvas in comparison.

They have actually just joined this website so no doubt they will reply to this with more information about what they are up to with the Twizy. A twizy track day was mentioned!

Great to see two together :slight_smile:

Not sure which number plate shape I prefer on the front. I suppose the square one on the right probably suits the shape of the bumper more. I wonder why my dealers didn’t originally supply me with a square one or the front?

I took my front one off a few weeks ago, looks loads better :slight_smile:

Yes, we asked for ours to not be fitted to the front. It’s not legally required either.

Is this true of all cars or just quadricycles? Makes me wonder why the dealers bother, it looks much better without a front plate!

How much did that licence plate set you back?

Not much relative to the price of similar plates for other cars :wink:

Hi James,
As far as I know it’s true yes, not legally required. Thats what Renault dealership told me and the DVLA told them, so…