My fried intestines of my Twizy Charger

As you might remember, some time ago my charger died and I barely made it to the Renault garage to let it fix. It sat there for three weeks waiting for the parts (the dealer said he almost put on his own “gilet jaune” to get it from France himself). I asked if I could have my old charger and there it was, laying on the back seat.

Apart from the empty feeling in my wallet, it is really nice to stop at a traffic light without the warning beep coming on all the time.

Back at the garage I opened the charger, just out of curiosity. Without a wiring diagram and only some basic knowledge of electronics there is not much I can do, but just seeing what’s inside is nice on it’s own right.

There is the charger. After 50.000 km it was bound to look a bit dusty. The connector near the fan is the 240V input.

This is the output side with the orange 60V cable, a signal bus, the grey 12V output and a small grey 12V cable which powers the fan.

Here is the 240V cable and an air connector, probably to suck in fresh air from a cleaner place. For the rest the charger is hermetically sealed.

This is the 60V connector. All nice and clean inside.

The type shield of the Renault branded IES charger.

All you need to open it is a T10 torque screw…

… and a 3,5 mm drill to get some screws out that are so stuck the torque pattern slips.

The fan that delivers forced air circulation for the cooling ribs

Just an ordinary cooling fan… not much exitement here.

The whole casing is tightly sealed. Here you can also see an unwilling screw.

The intestines of the charger laid bare.

Here you see the 60V / 12V electronics. Somewhere hidden in here is the problem with the charging of my 12V battery. Everything looks nice and clean though…

Not so much with the power electronics. Here you see two destructed Mosfets with their casing blown of. You could say the “Error” message on the screen was not exaggerated, there is absolutely something wrong there.

Well, that was it. The end of my charger. Not much I can do with it. If anyone with more knowledge in electronics is interested in these remains, I am happy to put it in a box and walk it to the post office. Just yell. If not it goes to the electronic waste heap for recycling.

See you around!

Thanks for sharing. Sorry you had the issue though.

@grumpy-b may be interested and then would be able to help the rest of the Twizy fleet :slight_smile:

I would be interested in the remains, Where is it located? my email is [email protected] Happy to organise the postage and email the label across. Parcelforce or Hermes depends if you have a post office or Hermes near by to drop it off to. I would need weight of the box, and the approx dimensions. Would be interesting to see whats what and how difficult an alternative would be to configure.

OK, I’ll contact you per mail. Nice to see if it has some sort of an afterlife.

My 2 cents: judging by the placement of those mosfets, they are not part of main switching circuit, they are too far from coils/transformers and connected by too inductive connections. Also not heavily connected to radiators. They are probably on/off switches to connect and disconnects various loads.