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My New Private Plate

So I went ahead and bought the best Twizy plate on the market…


Shame I had to have a W on the end but it isn’t too bad as my Twizy is white!

Wouldn’t Tw12y ?? Be as good?

I would have gone for TW12YZE but it is not available.


You’re right. I didn’t even think that TW12Y would look like Twizy. Oh well, there are none available that are that great anyway. Although it would have been better to keep the 12 plate.

Here is my thought process on plates…

The demo Twizzy had a new plate and it just seemed to big for the car at the front, so i did some research and found a shorter plate for the front and this needed as few letters as possible on the plate. Thats why I registered R3 TWY because it looks great on a 2/3 sized plate at the front of the car!

That’s interesting. I will look into getting a shorter plate for mine then too. I had noticed that the number plate hangs off the side of the Twizy, but didn’t really think much of it.

It’s little details like these that need to be addressed in the future I think.

Does the R3 stand for anything?

This is how mine will look.


I take it you are not getting them made in England. There is set spacing for the numbers and letters when made by official providers.

Try ebay or places in Scotland.


I ordered them online.

I already have them even though I don’t have the documentation through yet.

I realise they’re illegal, but hoping I can just get away with it. If not, I will just get a standard set.

People in Essex do it all the time :lol:

Probably you will get away with it as the cops will be looking at the Twizy not the plate )) but it will fail an MOT

R3 = Renault
TWY = Twizy

R3 = Renault
TWY = Twizy[/quote]

Haha, that makes me look stupid. I didn’t know if your name began with R.

Got spoken to by a copper on a bike in London today. Told me to change the plates otherwise it’s a £60 fine per plate. Seemed like a total jobs worth, was deadly serious and didn’t even light-heatedly chat to me about the car. What are e chances I’ll see him again?

I definitely think I’ll keep the Twizy out of London now the Olympics are on, too many police and too many road closures. Nightmare!

You like to push it! What with attempted speeding tickets and not watching traffic lights now dodgy number plates.:rolleyes:

You did know this might happen. Get a correct set and use those for a while then switch back. Russell says you will need the correct plates in 3 years time for the MOT.

Shame as they did look good.

They can also put a note against your vehicle on the data base, so,if you get pulled again it will,say you have been warned.:frowning:
I had an Evo V111 for 4 years with no front plate on, never got pulled once.