My new sun visor

Here is my new visor, easy to do and to install

a video

Hello, you can find it on Ebay

Super convenient!
The latest model has a face acting like a mirror while remaining transparent (two-way mirror) … Why not?

Another new model! Lighter and free shipping!
You will recognize the guy in the mirror?

Thanks very much for this. I picked up my Twizy (aka Torchy, the battery boy) last week and immediately found that this was a problem. have now ordered one from the Twizy site

Thank you very much Valerie ! I plan to send it to you on next Tuesday.

Here’s another idea for anyone out there. I bought some Perspex on eBay for £12 and cut it to a snug fit (20mm greater than visible window width) and with a 175mm depth. I am 5ft 10 so you may have to adapt this depth to suit. Fitting it tight meant the Perspex flexed tight against the windscreen and no adhesive pads were necessary. Be careful when measuring the width as the window tapers.
I was worried that putting an adhesive sun strip may flex an bubble with the heated screen. I have attached a picture which I hope better than my description.