My new Twiz

I am really enjoying the forum and learning about the Twizy. I got my 2012 2 days ago and have not driven any of my 5 other cars.

Today I have ordered the Korean Renault windows as the ones I have are not great. I got a cover from the same place.

Kenneth has been excellent and I ordered his power box Bt today too.

I have spoken to a carbon fibre company who thinks he can make like weight mudguards and I think the weight saving will be the metal that supports them. I may try remaking the 20kg battery frame in alloy or even titanium as I have a supplier, I will change as many bolts to titanium as poss. I wonder if there is any merit in making things like the gearbox cover in ally or machining down the current one…I don’t want to lose structural strength.

Every bit of weight saved is good. The one some miss is the tyres the Cont-e are lighter than most others of the same size.

Never understood why the battery supports are so heavy, unless it is to add weight low down for stability.

You need to remove a lot of weight from yours if you are going to add windows. I don’t believe in them, but the wife does moan about being blown about in the back she gets ‘Twizy Hair’ :slight_smile:

Let us know ho you get on with the battery support changes. The plate under the engine/gearbox could be replaced with a Carbon fibre panel.

Thanks for your advice. I would be happy to not have windows but my daughter found it too blowy in the back.

I did as you suggested and blocked up the hole around the steering u j and that really helped.has


I did the oil change today, drained it on the ramps then put the ramps flat to get the last oil out. Refilled with Mobil 1m75/90 with the additives.

The metal under tray weighs 2.2kg so there is a good saving to be had swapping to carbon fibre so will order a sheet.

The 4 bolts holding the tray in place are 66g total the titanium replacements were 22g, you can see how changing the whole car will save over 1kg - 2kgs I expect. Luckily I don’t pay for the bolts as they are £6 each.

The car is quieter with the new oil.

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I have just booked the Twiz in for Urban Camo wrap, the place is 38 miles away…gulp, that will be my longest journey. The range today shows as 48 miles as it is nice and hot…I think I will be nervous.

I am having black and white urban camo with neon green wheels to make sure I am seen in traffic.

I have just put a new set on cont-e tyres on as well…to be safe.

I wonder if titanium wheel bolts will benefit as they are unsprung weight which has a bigger effect, rotational and suspension wise.

Booked in for the Camo wrap and Neon green wheels on Monday next week. Powerbox should arrive tomorrow as well as Korean Windows and Renault cover.

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Powerbox arrived today - just now.

I thought that the difference would be more pronounced given the increase in torque - I can feel it is quicker in the 25 - 50 mph range but it I thought it might feel quicker in the 0-15 mph range.

What is interesting is the marked difference in regen, you can really feel it pull up on 350 setting regen. I have tried 500 on brakes too which makes it stop well.

Is there ever too much regen i.e. harmful to the battery or is it much less than being plugged in to the mains? I guess you need to balance how far you can coast versus stopping too quickly? I use the coast position quite a lot and being able to toggle the regen off is useful in that too.

No everyone finds the Neutral position to make the Twizy coast so well done means you can use the Regen as you like.

Some of us turn down the regen to a minimum so that the brakes get used more often, lessening the chance of them rusting. I guess you have read all of the horror stories about brakes rusting. If not, worth doing.

Yes, I will make sure I do use the breaks often.

If you decide to start selling various titanium bolts and goodies I will be interested!


Here’s Peter’s video on PB …

I do not have any plans to sell any items but happy to share my results and help where I can.

My undertray is ready to test, It may need some bracing if it makes noise. I notice that the front has a similar panel and does not seem to be structural either.

I heard from image wheels and they do an ultralite 13 inch wheel that can be 3 stud to fit, it weighs 3.9 kg. The tyres are around 3.9 too and I know that Peter weighed his at around 11 or 12kg so that with Titanium wheel bolts will be a good saving from unsprung weight. 20kg off the car in all should be a win for power to weight ratio.

I suspect the 12v battery could be improved too mut not sure how a lithium ion would work with the charge system?

Rear undertray all working and no noise at speed.

The front one is over 4 kilos but part of it protects the charger so I have cut it down to under 50% and let part and the rest is now carbon fibre too. I have taken over 3 kilos out of the car plus all the bolts that have been undone are now titanium.

I weighted the non eco tyres and they are 3.5 kilos so I am hopeful the new wheels and tyres may be half of the standard ones and look cool too, that would be 20 kilos or more off the wheels in total with the bolts.

I know the battery is heavy but anyone know why Renault did not make the 4 supports in alloy?

I understand keeping the centre of gravity low (cog) but surely the battery and the chassis and to some extent the driver are all doing this?

I have found alloy bar stock that is 1kilo per meter in solid alloy, I am sure that would be strong enough and could be milled to match the steel bars. I will whip one off to weigh it…anyone know if they are all exactly the same? Are they hollow?

Just found the battery thread on here…interesting read. Looks like light weight battery is not easy. I am waiting on Kenneth to answer my email as it seems the powerbox BT sapped the battery. I have charged the batt off the car to see what happens, it was 11.4v when it went on the charger, was close to 14 when I took it off, will check the resting voltage whilst off the car today.

Resting was just under 12v. I have ordered one of the replacements as a precaution.

Sounds like you need one.