My New Twizy (second time around)

Ok so we all know about the my last disaster, but as I said I loved this little pod so much I was determined to find a new one. Well someone was looking down on me…

I little old gentleman about 10 miles away from me was selling his, what are the chances of that and very low milage

Well she is beautiful, my hubby has run around trying to get everything sorted and she now has hand controls fitted and I drove her for the first time yesterday (keeping in mind I have not been able to drive for 8 years)

So I am off to Spain with her (she has a trailer)

As you can see she has a little back box that I have taken off and has windows a reversing camera and lots of little extras and of course now hand controls and a driving ball and my new reg (RIA 1109)

I can not tell you how it felt to bomb up the road

IN LOVE :heart_eyes:

Ohhh and not a spot of corrosion in sight !!


I’m really glad it all worked out for you in the end, looks fab in that colour scheme. Very jealous that you’ve got one!

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Congrats Ria, I saw that one on eBay.
Happy motoring.


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So very happy you are sorted out at last. Looks like you have got a good one now, maybe it was a blessing in disguise.
Enjoy. And please let us know how you got on in Sapin.

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Congratulations, and its awesome that you have a corrosion free stylin’ ride :slight_smile: - could you tell us a bit more about what looks like a cargo carrier in the back? or more pictures of what the setup looks like? I presume you are on your way to Spain - when you have a moment of course. Wishing you a safe trip out there, and hope you really enjoy the new Twizy.

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The Cargo thingy was fitted before I got it with lights etc but I had it taken off,

Yes izzy has been on her travels, she arrived at El Convento de Mave Monestry Hotel in Northern Spain last night, Beautiful - She is now on her way to our Spanish home in La Azohia

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