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MY new Twizy Technic

Have to say very happy with the Twizy so far and how she has performed in the cold weather. I am getting about 32 miles out of her at the moment buzzing to and from Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks in Kent. I have a few long hills along the way but people seem to be polite and let you buzz along the A21 with no issues at all. Loads of questions were ever you park as always and the good news is ASDA in town has just put in 3 electric car parking bays which is fantastic news. Motor line in Tunbridge Wells has 2 charging bays but when i called and asked if i could charge Twizy there they seemed unsure and said as it was not a Nissan Leaf they were not to clear and claimed no one has yet to use the points at all yet. My dealer claims there are 3 other Twizy owners local but i have yet to spot them as of yet which is a shame. I have also fitted LED side bulbs which are brilliant and so much better then the standard bulbs. “Shall post some pics”

Looks ace! I like the RenaultSport sticker on the door.

Which LED bulbs did you fit? Pics?

Super, same colours as mine

The bulbs used are Automotive led bulbs which are simply brilliant. Pure white light brighter then the headlamps at dusk. I paid £2.95 on e-bay for them and use them in my MR2 and Twizy. Dads just fitted some to his C3 and looks great. I shall post some pics

I have used the cheap Chinese ones off ebay a few times, but they don’t last; was hoping there was some really good quality long life ones somewhere before I bothered to fit them…

As you can see the LED lights look way better then standard yellow light bulbs plus there a lot brighter as well. Renault sport livery on the sides and rear as well.

Good mods!
Let us know how long the bulbs last with the hard suspension-may get some if they last ok-the ones I bought in the recent past failed too quickly.

These have been fitted for nearly 5 weeks now so all looking good but I shall keep ya posted

Twizy parking sensors fitted as an option at Renault, Just incase no one has seen them on a twizy before :slight_smile:

Don’t suppose you have the link for those bulbs?

E-Bay Item number [FONT=Verdana]280755046228 [/FONT]£6.45 but you wont regret this purchase there brilliant and sooooooo bright.

Mylitco is the company by the way and as a thought im gonna change the number plate bulbs as well. You may want to consider this as well if your changing the bulbs on the front of your Twizy. Let us no what you think and as a tip turn the lights on before putting the glass case back as you need to make sure you got the bulbs in the right way round for a good contact. I pulled the connections up just a little just to make sure when going over bumps the contacts never jogged away from a good contact of power to them. :slight_smile: