My puncture repair kit

A few weeks ago I suffered a puncture on the Twizy.
I came out from work to find the front right tyre flat :frowning:
There was a 3-4mm diameter screw in the tyre.
Luckily I had an emergency aerosol repair canister, removed the screw and it did the job :smiley:
I also have a Motorbike for playing out on at weekends so I decided to look into puncture repair options.
There are lots of different types of kits available.
Some cheap kits do the job but look like they require a lot of effort to get the ‘Repair String’ in
The kit I bought uses a ‘Mushroom’ type plug and it is more mechanical method to use which I liked.

The instructions that came with my Kit were much more comprehensive than shown in the above video.

I then needed a method to inflate the tyre after repair.
So in true EV tradition I bought a Cordless tyre inflator. :smiley:
There are two versions available, I bought the premium one because the lead is longer and you can stand the unit on the floor while it inflates to the set pressure.
The kit also includes a ‘Dummy’ Battery that has a accessory plug to plug into the Twizy if the battery was flat :slight_smile:

After all that I also needed a tool to remove any offending screw/nail from the tyre so I bought a Leatherman clone off of Amazon.

The tyre inflator comes in a nylon zip case and the repair kit and Leatherman clone fits nicely inside the case.
I have lockable windows fitted to myTwizy so the kit sits on the rear seat.
With the slightly tinted windows you can’t see the black case on the rear seat.
When I go out on my motorbike I put the repair kit in the Bikes Topbox


I always thought after usung the foam repair kit, the tyre cannot be repaired because the repair plug will not bond to the tyre properly. I might be wrong.

I believe that the latest aerosols can be washed out with water.
Hopefully with all my new kit I won’t have to use an aerosol repair again :smiley:


Great tip/idea…cheers Normsthename :thumbsup:.