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My Twizy died

Was working fine, then I got the serv-light and the Twizy felt really “jerky”.
I could see the amp draw was all over the place, even just holding a steady pace.
Then, the next day, STOP and throttle died. Tried turning the ignition several times, no luck. Had to be towed to the shop.

Anyone had similar happening to them? Any guesses to what is wrong?

12V battery at a guess.

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check the battery like osbrook said and check the fuses , i read you have been playing around with a sound system for the Twizy?

I checked the 12V the first day I had the serv-light, I had 14V on it.

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check the 12v battery with the ignition off , 14V sounds like the iginiton was on.

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Actually you may need to disconnect it as the mk2 charger will keep trying to top it up. But also it needs to be tested under load to see if a cell fails. A faulty cell will still display a full voltage, but with say a head light bulb connected will show a loose of at least 2v.

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im struggling to see when the mk2 charger tops up the battery with the ignition off?

fitting my super capacitor battery pack I never once saw the battery topped up when the ignition was off and i simulated many different voltage levels for 12V , maybe mine is broken :grinning:

See @peter-ss post where he monitors the charge to the 12v battery

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It’s been a month. They finally concluded the rpm sensor was dead. Hopefully they will swap it next week.


its terrible how long it takes to sort issues on the Twizy , my old charger took over a month to fix during the summer months :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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I was very lucky with my charger. Failed Saturday, was working Tuesday evening. For some unexplained reason my local (none EV) Renault dealer had a charger in stock!

As explained by Peter it takes an hour to change. Took me nearly two as I had to build some ramps first and then take away the blocks afterwards.

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yep I would have done mine also but it was under warranty by Renault and a few years ago so stock was only available from France and I live on an island :rofl:

Charger swap >>
I bought a second hand one and change it on the Twizy with 1 and 1/2 hours :wink:

With the tools adapted >> Getting the Traction battery pack takes about 1 hour, when Renault ZE is been asking me 1900 euros of labour to get it down… :o

All happen this last few weeks.

My case was solved, after 4 visits to the dealer. The fault?

Grounding on the Sevcon. I finally fixed it myself, added locking nuts. All good now.