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BMW i3 wrapped in adverts

My Twizy Haunts Me

That’s a good point that is missing from each posting now. It was a useful thing to show location for those that had entered it.

The only way I can see to do this is add location to ‘About me’ in profile. Then we simply click on user icon. Try mine.

Yep this is the correct way to do it. I’m on mobile at the moment but I’m pretty sure on the main website you only need to hover over a user’s profile pic to get a summarised profile appear.

I think this is more useful than cluttering up the view with this information at all times

I am in Milton Keynes. I will try to put it in my profile. How do you do the @name when you want to address the person.

Just type @ followed by the username

What!!?? Is that it? How embarrassing.
OK, another simple one (not for me) how do you reply to a specific post, like Osbrook quoting you (in the shaded area)

On a PC (not sure on a mobile) simple highlight (Swipe) the text you want to quote and click reply.
It is easy to just get the bit you want (hence me starting mid sentence). and @askho :smile:

@osbrook. A mobile!!?? What’s a mobile?
I don’t use a mobile, and I am proud of it! Friends think I am a dinosaur.
Hey, I am learning a few new things here :smile:

@askho And then putting into practice. It worked.

Now update your profile with your location. :smile:

ie. click on my icon and see my profile.

Done it!! Thanks to you.

Well not quite, What you did was put your location in the Location field. However for people to see it add it to your about section. It then appears when people click on your profile pic or an ‘A’ inyour case (or clicking on name). Click on the word Osbrook my location appears along with anything in the About profile box.

I’ve done it for you, but feel free to remove.

Damn, can’t even do that right. :confused:

@askho I don’t think you did anything wrong. The location box is there for your location so you did it right, you just weren’t aware of what @osbrook was referring to.

If we want locations to appear in the hover profiles then I will make a change to the code to include this, rather than everyone duplicating information.

Location is useful to have as you asked for it in this thread. Would make more sense to have the location in the Location profile field appear in the hover box. You do have to click it! If it is easy to do then when you get chance I suggest you change it.

HA ha ha!! I have the same picture… was great to see a little brother or sister for my Twizy…
I absolutely love my Twizy and will be in the family forever!!! ha!

There is actually about 4/ 5 Twizy’s around W1 at the moment…
These windows are soon much better than the Renault windows, go to www.twizywindows.com well worth the money!!



Oh Wow! Nice Work!! I love it when Twizy’s come together. Looks so cool, mad and futuristic, but completely realistic and sensible as well. This was taken a about a mile away, I regularly share a bay with it near work (trying not to block him in).


I know what you mean about a Twizy staying in the family. I have such big plans for it, one of them being “Twizywindows”, which I’ve heard are the best but I’ve not seen in the plastic, so to speak. I’ll be looking to get them in the autumn though.

I had to walk the same route again this week. Didn’t see any of these Twizys but did see a black Urban model instead. Seems there are quite a few in this area.