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My Twizy, heading south!

Well, today was my fateful day (for medical reasons) I had to say goodbye to my trusty Twizy Colour - my replacement Fluence was delivered and the transporter swept my pride and joy away for a new life south of the border. I wish it well, it did everything I expected it to and worked flawlessly - with just one concern during my period of ownership…

No leaky gearbox, no sticky throttle, just a temperamental Hazard Warning switch that had a mind of its own when it chose to work but, as I never had any need to use it in anger, it never became an issue. This Spring/Summer is going to be considerably less fun than last year for me, and I’ll miss that, and envy you guys… I’m not going offline - I’ll drop in from time to time, and be in the ‘other’ ZE vehicle sub-forum!

such a nice paint/vynil job on that twizy!

Good luck. I think you will miss the Twizy. But keep us informed how you get on with your Fluence. Not much chance to read about it. Is it even rarer than the Twizy?

Thanks! It is rarer - only 65 in the UK and just 2 in Scotland. I’ll really miss the laughing and finger-pointing that was a daily occurrence when behind the wheel. Maybe I’ll have to borrow one again to get my ‘hit’ of good humour!

When i am in scotland again with mine, i let you drive it :slight_smile:

Enjoy your Fluence, it’s a nice car.

I’ll hold you to that! Haste Ye Back! :slight_smile: