My Twizy is more and more taken over by the family!

Last days we had a “heatwave” in Southwestern Norway, with 19 degrees C.
Wife is happy driving around with friend.
Notice the nice windows :slight_smile:

Heatwave at 19C !!! Can’t help but LOL :joy::joy:

Where did You buy the Windows ?

hehe you know in mid october we could call it that!
But this summer we had 34, that was way to much for me!

Great windows, probably the best around. It was fairly warm here in the UK too on Friday / Saturday.

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About the windows, I have been looking and looking all over the world and found it on Pasos1 a Bogota enthusiast from Comlombia who have his own youtube channel. They call themselves “Twizeros Bogota.”
I contacted him and while I was asking him to help me I also came over the place in Spain.

These windows have some flaws but they are negotiable by doing some twerks on the fastening to the inner body velcro system. I will take some pictures and show you soon.
The quality is very sturdy and they function very nice. I also recomended some improvements to the Spanish dealer and he said they have changed to my recomandations.

I do recomend these windows. And the dealer does fast delivery when he has been paid.

These are the ones, and the person I iniatly talked to.In Spanish but you see how

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Many thanks for posting the video and also for the English subtitles.
For those who don’t speak Spanish (which includes me) just click on the ‘cc’ button on the video.

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